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What are snoring mouthpieces usually made of?

The snoring mouth pieces that are available for sale are made from many materials. They also have different designs which definitely have an effect on their usability.

Mainly snoring devices are made up of hard acrylic, non-thermoplastic vinyl and moldable or thermoplastic polyvinyl. However, most of the mouthpieces which are available online are made from thermoplastic moldable polyvinyl, which makes it easy to mold the device according to your teeth and mouth’s shape.

Issues relating to thermoplastic moldable polyvinyl

Even though it has its benefit, snoring devices made up of this material have a major disadvantage. They use a design where the device locks between the teeth when they are heated and molded. This puts pressure on teeth. Usage of the device for some time might even shift the position of teeth.

snoring mouthpiece before and after molding

On the other hand, if only the walls of the snoring device are made from thermoplastic it will not lock between the teeth. It will only mold on the outer side of the teeth. It is far less harmful and also provides good retention. It prevents the teeth from becoming loose.

Non-thermoplastic vinyl snoring mouthpiece and devices

Sleep apnea devices made from non-thermoplastic vinyl can easily be worn on inside of the mouth. They help deal with sleep disorders such as blockage of the respiratory tract during sleeping.

Tongue-retaining devices and jaw retainers

The kinds of sleep apnea devices available are tongue-retaining devices and jaw retainers.

  • The tongue-retaining snoring devices are especially designed for people who sleep on their back. They pull the tongue gently forward and let air flow freely, thus hindering snoring. They are mostly made of soft plastic accompanied with a tongue-sized suction cup.
  • Jaw retainers clear the throat and air passages and are made of dental acrylic and hold the teeth by metal loops.

Both the tongue-retaining devices and jaw retainers are intended to be put before sleeping.

Snoring and hence lack of oxygen while sleeping may result in sleep seizures. Therefore, snoring devices made from the most suitable material will be very helpful in curing seizures.

Before purchasing these devices it is necessary that you have proper knowledge and a detailed research carried out regarding snoring mouthpieces and the different materials they are made up of. The device which has been most successful among users should be used.

Final words on this snoring mouthpiece article

Thank you for reading this article. Feel free to browse other snoring solutions articles and also other snoring mouthpiece articles.


  1. Happy to find this article of yours. I was about to buy a cheap snoring mouthpiece but now I understand the material and quality issues which you talked about. Thanks.

  2. This was a useful article. Thanks for describing the details about what snoring mouthpieces are made of.