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Snoring chin strap problems and negatives

This article will be both for people who are angry or furious about their snoring chin strap and also for those who are considering purchasing one. So we are going to look at all the negatives of anti snoring chin straps and try to criticise them as much as possible 🙂

(Remember, here I will just go 100% negative on the chin straps for fun, so don’t read only this article and make a decision – that would be wrong)

The chin strap is so ugly! I don’t want to look horrible!

Yes, believe it or not, in some cases health does come as a second priority (or much less) and a bunch of people (guaranteed) are not using the snoring chin straps as a solution for their snoring just because it may look ugly. And to be fair it really does often look quite dreadful. I think it is probably because of 2 reasons:

  • To be able to offer them at such a low price design issues are off the table for manufacturers.
  • There is, just by nature, very little you can do to make them “cool”. Maybe to add a “Chanel” or “Gucci” logo, but I doubt that would make much difference.

It looks like someone put a dog muzzle on me and not a snoring chin strap!

dog muzzle versus snoring chin strap

I heard this in some forum and was laughing about it because, especially some models, do look like dog muzzles! 🙂 which is actually not a bad reason to spend a couple more bucks and try to get as good of a design as you can. It also maybe has to do with the features of the face of the person and generally speaking the whole combination of it.

Here, have a look on the right side I made a picture putting the anti snoring chin strap solution and the dog next to one another. You be the judge 🙂

Those chin straps for snoring are really uncomfortable

Finally a good reason to reject and hate them especially for those people who are very sensitive and can not stand anything touching their skin at all times. The anti snoring chin straps after all have to be worn at all times while sleeping which is many hours of possible discomfort and irritation. Maybe the snoring will be gone but insomnia would start due to anxiety and discomfort issues. This one is really a good reason for someone to reject this snoring solution or device, but then again there surely are people who will complain after 2 seconds and not give it time to get used to.

I have a cold – you want me to wear this chin strap and die?

Among the more amusing situations, the stop snoring chin strap naturally completely closes the mouth so breathing through the mouth becomes impossible, so when you also caught a cold, the flue or have a nasal congestion for one or another reason then you would literally have both air passages blocked, i.e. a death wish 🙂

Of course nobody will force you to wear a snoring chin strap when you are also ill (I hope!), but still an amusing idea or complaint nevertheless.

Words of warning on “Snoring chin strap problems and negatives”

I hope this article was useful and fun for you to read. I remind you again that in the name of fun this was a 100% bashing of the poor anti snoring chin strap and you should not make a decision just based on this article. Read other articles like the snoring chin strap reviews or other snoring solutions to make a proper educated decision.