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What’s better, a snoring mouthpiece or an anti-snoring chin strap?

Those people, who snore while sleeping, can use a snoring mouthpiece or an anti-snoring chin strap. Now the question is which one is better of these two.

Working of snoring mouthpiece:

It is made up of high quality plastic. Before sleeping it is fixed into the mouth and it prevents the muscles of throat from crumpling so that the air does not produce loud sound when exhaled.

Working of an anti-snoring chin strap:

An anti-snoring chin strap is made up a stretchable material which is fixed in the jaw before sleeping. It keeps the mouth close and the person inhales and exhales naturally through nose.

snoring chin strap vs. snoring mouthpiece

Snoring mouth piece, customer reviews:

  • Few customers said that the product is uncomfortable sometimes. It disturbs the sleep due to forward movement of lower jaw and keeping it in the same position all night long. Many of the customers complained about its high price.
  • Very few users said it is difficult to use the product.
  • The customers who used this product for more than 6 months felt alignment changes and pain in jaws.
  • Still it attracted and satisfied high quantities of customers.
  • According to the users of anti-snoring chin strap products, it is uncomfortable for the people who use it for the very first time. But in a few weeks or a month, they get used to it.
  • Many said that it disturbs quality of sleep and who wakes up early in the morning for their jobs; feel sleepy in day time due to disturbed sleep.
  • Most of the customers said that the product worked well for them.

Anti-snoring chin strap, customer reviews:

Comparing both of the devices

The anti-snoring chin strap worked for more people and generated a higher interest due to its relatively much lower price in the market. In comparison with snoring mouth piece products, it is more comfortable and cost effective. What people liked about it:

  • Its low price, which makes it affordable for the middle class people.
  • High comfort does not disturb the quality of sleep much.
  • The snoring chin strap does what it claims

Comment from the EDITOR of this snoring chin strap vs. snoring mouthpiece article:

Please bear in mind that there is plenty of both positive and negative feedback on both of those snoring devices or snoring solutions. We know from our snoring research that people are unique and they can prefer one or the other. The fact remains that both of those snoring devices definitely work.


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