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How Long Does it Take to Get Used to a Snore Mouth Guard?

Wearing anti snore mouthpieces or snore mouth guard is one of the most common noninvasive snoring solutions available. Aside from anti snore mouthpiece, anti snore pillows are also commonly used as snoring solutions. People who snore or people who sleep in the same room with people who snore find it very hard to fall asleep soundly every single night. In fact, the person who sleeps in the same room with a person who snores is the one greatly affected. That is why, people who are affected with snoring look for effective snoring solutions that help in addressing snoring problems, to improve the quality of their sleep every single night.

Snore Mouth Guard as Snoring Solutions

Snore Mouth Guard

As mentioned above, snore mouth guards or anti snore mouthpieces are one of the most common and widely used snoring solutions around the world. A lot of people who tried using snore mouth guards find it to be effective in decreasing, if not totally eliminating snoring. There are a lot of different snore mouth guards available in the market today. It is up to the user on which specific kind and brand of snore mouth guard he or she is going to use.

Snoring Solutions: Getting Used to Snore Mouth Guards

One of the most common problems of people using snore mouth guards and other devices as snoring solutions is the time they need to get used to it. Snore mouth guards may really need a number of nights, or maybe weeks before a person will get used to wearing it comfortably to sleep. People who find snore mouth guards as effective snoring solutions claimed that it does not take too many nights before getting accustomed or getting used to sleeping comfortably with a snore mouth guard on.

Getting Used to Wearing Snore Mouth Guards as Snoring Solutions

Snore mouth guards are an effective type of snoring solutions, since it can help in maintaining the lower jaw slightly forward, keeping the tongue from falling back to cause obstruction to the airway, and it increases airflow. However, during the first 3 to 5 nights of using the snore mouth guard, it is perfectly normal for the jaw, gums, and teeth to feel sore and fatigued. Usually, people get comfortable in wearing the mouth guard after a week (7 nights) of wearing it every night. If you feel uncomfortable of wearing the snore mouth guard during the first week, it is completely normal, and you do not have to find other snoring solutions in exchange of your snore mouth guard.