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SleepPro 1 Stop Snoring Mouthpiece Review

A lot of people are suffering from snoring during sleep, in fact, the snorers are not the only people who are having problems with snoring, also their partners or other people who are sleeping in the same room as the snorers are affected. Snoring can be very frustrating, annoying, and disturbing, since it can wake a person up from his or her sleep and it can even prevent a person from falling asleep, due to its very loud noise. People who are having problems with snoring are finding ways on how to stop or reduce their snoring in a natural way or ways that do not involve invasive procedures. There are available snoring aids that are effective in treating snoring, such as snoring mouthpieces.

Boil and Bite: SleepPro 1 Stop Snoring Mouthpiece

SleepPro 1 Stop Snoring Mouthpiece:

SleepPro 1 is a mouthpiece or mandibular advancement splint that is worn during sleep to help in reducing and/or treating snoring. SleepPro 1 stop snoring mouthpiece helps in maintaining and letting the jaw stay in its natural position while a person is sleeping. Having the jaw at its natural position can help in improving snoring effectively.

How to Mold the SleepPro 1?

Most dental devices specifically designed to treat snoring usually comes in 2 different categories, the Boil and Bite Solution and a Custom-manufactured appliance. SleepPro 1 stop snoring mouthpiece is a type of boil and bite solution that does not cost too much when compared to the custom-manufactured dental device.

SleepPro 1 is made of soft plastic that softens when immersed in hot water. After immersing it in hot water, placing the softened plastic inside the mouth while holding the lower jaw slight forward is done to mold the mouthpiece. Once the newly-molded mouthpiece is cooled down, it will harden, but not to the extent of becoming very hard, it will harden and at the same time, it is firm that makes it flexible that can keep the lower jaw slightly forward during sleep.

Advantages of SleepPro 1:

What makes the SleepPro 1 stop snoring mouthpiece different from usual snoring mouthpieces is that, it comes with a large breathing hole between the upper jaw and lower jaw, which makes breathing through the mouth easier during sleep. Many people who have tried using SleepPro 1 as their snoring aid find the mouthpiece to be very effective in treating snoring problems. And people who haven’t tried using SleepPro 1 can easily try using the mouthpiece if it is effective or not, since it is inexpensive.