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8 Easy Tips on How to Reduce Snoring Problems

Snoring can be caused by a wide variety of factors. In order to successfully reduce or even eliminate snoring problems, the underlying cause should be known. If the exact cause for the snoring problem is not determined, treatments or remedies to address snoring problems may not be successful. Usually, the most common cause of snoring is due to the vibration of tissues surrounding the tonsils due to a partially blocked airway. The cause for the partial blockage of the airway can also be caused from several factors, but it is commonly caused by the relaxation of the throat tissues and/or nasal congestion.

Tips to Reduce Snoring Problems

Snoring Can Disrupt Sleep

  1. Muscle relaxation around that causes snoring while sleeping can be caused by drinking alcohol before going to bed. Avoiding drinking any alcoholic beverage before going to bed can help in reducing snoring.
  2. Certain medications can cause snoring, such as muscle relaxants and sleeping pills. If not needed and if not prescribed by the doctor, drinking those medications (muscle relaxants and sleeping pills), do not drink those medications.
  3. Sleeping on your back can also cause snoring. Assuming the side position while sleeping can help in reducing snoring. You can also try placing tennis balls behind your back to help you keep the side lying position all night long.
  4. If possible, use 2 pillows or 3 pillows on your head while sleeping. Do not lie down on the bed with head flat. Elevating your head and upper body during sleep can help in reducing snoring problems.
  5. If you smoke, it is better for you to stop. Smoking does not only increase likelihood of snoring problems, it can also harm your overall health and also the people surrounding you while you are smoking.
  6. Consult your doctor if you find snoring to have negative effects on the quality of your sleep and your partner’s. Your doctor may perform various laboratory and clinical tests to help in determining specific cause of your snoring. And your doctor may treat the underlying cause, which can successfully eliminate and improve your snoring problems for good.
  7. Ask your doctor whether it will be effective or not when you use snoring solutions, such as anti snore pillow, anti snore mouth guard, etc. Your doctor may recommend certain brands and types of snoring solutions that will be effective for you.
  8. If you are overweight or obese, it will be best if you will lose weight. Obesity can cause snoring due to the fat accumulation in the throat region and it can enlarge the palate. Losing weight can be very effective in eliminating snoring problems if it is caused by being overweight.