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Is it Possible to Start Snoring as You Age?

Studies and surveys conducted in order to know rough percentages of people who snore vary greatly. There are a lot of groups taken as samples for these kinds of research. And in researches conducted in snoring by age groups, it has been proven that people who are 60 years old and older are more likely to suffer from snoring, than to those people who are younger. It is not necessary that as a person ages, he or she will most likely suffering from snoring. The reason why older adults are more likely to snore is because of the physical changes that occur in the body.

Causes of Snoring

How Are Snoring and Age Related?

For some people who are suffering from snoring, they only find their snoring problems to be mild and do not need any treatment. However, for some people, they find their snoring problems to be very disturbing and serious. Snoring is one of the most common causes why a person can’t get proper and enough sleep at night. There are a lot of different factors that can cause snoring, including:

  • Narrow Jaw
  • Enlarged tongue that can possibly cause obstruction to the throat.
  • Enlarged Adenoids
  • Deviated Septum (displaced or crooked nasal septum)
  • Small Nasal Passages
  • Overweight or Obesity
  • Certain medications (muscle relaxants)

Snoring in Adults

As mentioned above, physical changes in the body that occur as people age is one of the main reasons why people who are older are more likely to suffer and develop from snoring. It is not necessary for people to snore just because they are older; however, as a person ages, he or she is more likely to have problems that can lead to snoring. Causative factors for older people who will develop snoring are:

  • Weakened muscle tone
  • Flabby Palates
  • Medications for arthritis
  • Alcohol Consumption

When to Seek Consult Regarding Snoring?

You do not need to be an adult and to have serious snoring problems just to see your doctor. You can ask help and consult your doctor if you are suffering from snoring. Always keep in mind that snoring can only be a symptom of a more serious medical condition. Your snoring problem may not be a problem to yourself, but snoring can be very disturbing and can be a very serious problem to other people who sleep in the same room as you. Consulting your doctor about your snoring problems can be a way to find effective treatments that can help you address your snoring problems.