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Prevent Snoring

In this article I have compiled a comprehensive list of tips and advice for everyone who wants to prevent snoring and avoid having to go to the snoring solutions which are required to be used after snoring has already taken hold.

The tips with explanations presented below are in no particular order of importance so you can use one or several of these methods in your quest to keep yourself snore-free.

Prevent snoring by staying in shape

Prevent snoring by staying in shape

One of the major reasons snoring occurs is because fatty tissue starts building up in the neck as a person continues to gain weight and the more of this fatty tissue there is the higher the pressure is on the windpipe which reduces its width thereby creating the snoring vibrations.

So to prevent snoring, it would be a smart thing to take care of your body and stay in shape. You do not have to be a supermodel, but having a healthy level of weight in proportion to your height would certainly pay your health good dividends year after year and you would not need to use any of the other snoring solutions.

Prevent snoring by staying sober

wine pills sedatives and snoring

Another way snoring comes knocking out of the throat is when we drink a lot of alcohol or use any other substance which is considered a relaxant. When we do this the muscles are artificially numbed down and while we are awake we still have the strength to keep the windpipe open, but when we go to sleep then the deep relaxation together with the effect of the muscle relaxing substances makes it very difficult for our body to keep the windpipe open.

Knowing this we can prevent snoring by having only a healthy amount of alcohol and not getting drunk. Also we can avoid taking medicines like sleeping pills just at any time and only use them in emergency type of situations.

Prevent snoring through sleeping posture

sleeping positions

Sleep posture is another method through which we can prevent snoring. Those who sleep on their backs and their stomachs are more inclined to snore because neither of those positions is helpful to keep the head, neck and the spine aligned which is the condition during which the air channels are minimally pressured.

Thus if the snoring beast is to be tamed one can learn over time to sleep on their side with a good pillow to support the head and ideally achieve a good alignment for the body.

Prevent snoring by changing your breathing

prevent snoring by re-training breathing

Next method to prevent snoring is by simply not using air, but wait, I don’t mean not using it at all, I just mean that it is possible to re-train the way we breathe and start breathing through the nose instead of the mouth. This way it would be possible to reduce or fully prevent certain types of snoring which are connected with the mouth-throat area.

Changing the way we breathe is not easy, but it is very much possible and we know that different cultures and different people breathe differently. We also know that monks who meditate learn to breathe through their nose and probably most of them were mouth breathers.

The biggest benefit of this method to prevent snoring is that you will not need to buy and use any device or medicines, so a small investment of time today can allow you to enjoy comfort for many years.

Prevent snoring with an anti snoring pillow snoring solution

prevent snoring anti snore pillow head neck spine alignment

We spoke above about the sleeping posture as a means to prevent snoring, but it is very difficult to do so with a traditional pillow simply because it gives no support at all for this specific purpose. Therefore, among snoring solutions there are anti snoring pillows or pillows which are designed to prevent snoring from happening.

They do this primarily by very unique designs and great support to be able to sleep on the side and achieve as perfect as possible alignment between the spine, the neck and the head. There are many choices of such pillows and it is likely that you may need to try more than 1 to get the best possible fit for yourself. They range from soft to hard, from light to heavy and from traditional looking to very bizarre looking.

Prevent snoring problems with ear plugs

foam ear plugs

Ear plugs are among my most loved snoring solutions simply because you can solve the problem, at least to some extent already today. Also often there are conflicts in relationships where there is snoring so you can prevent the snoring noises from disturbing you by using ear plugs and you do not even have to go and have a conversation (or a fight) with the snorer.

Moreover ear plugs are a very cheap solution for snoring and especially the foam ones are very comfortable to use. There are also many colours and designs, but because their are so cheap almost anybody can afford to buy a bunch of different ones and find their favourite.

Sleep well to prevent snoring

Here is a way to prevent snoring which uses no medicine, device or item at all and it simply says that if you sleep well and properly every day you can prevent snoring. The way this works is like this: those people who continuously lack sleep will develop sleep deprivation, which will turn into a chronic sleep deprivation over time and start wrecking havoc on your system. Among the myriad of other evil things it will do it will make the person very exhausted which then has the same effect as we discussed above about alcohol or other relaxants.

So getting a good night’s sleep will keep your body healthy, cells nourished and regenerated and muscles strong to keep the windpipe open.

Elevate your upper body to prevent snoring

A home remedy for preventing snoring is to elevate your upper body. There are of course commercial items available to help do this is a nicer way both in terms of design and comfort, however some old school methods of putting something under the mattress work almost just as well. The logic here comes from gravity similar to the reason why the back sleepers have snoring problems.

The gravity pulls down and puts pressure on the windpipe to partially collapse it thereby creating snoring. Elevating the upper body may somewhat help relieve this pressure from gravity and therefore prevent snoring. Among the snoring solutions this one is probably the one with the smallest amount of impact.

Final words on snoring solutions used to prevent snoring

I hope this comprehensive list of snoring solutions were helpful and interesting for you and have given you sufficient tools to prevent snoring in your home and have a good night’s sleep.