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Prevent snoring by staying in shape

One of the major causes for snoring is being overweight or, specifically said, when talking about snoring, is having too much fatty tissue around the neck, so then logically, getting rid of neck fat is a great way to prevent snoring. Well the good news is that when we gain weight then most of the people first of all start filling up their mid-sections. For men it is the belly usually that starts getting rounded and for women it is the thighs and the buttocks. But, if we continue eating and eating after these two “reservoirs” have been saturated then the body starts adding fat tissues pretty much all over the place and the fat is visible both externally and invisible to the external eye – internal fat.

Snoring and fat in the neck

The neck is not a great storage location for fat and it is not favourable for the body to collect fat there, but, exactly for the same reason a little bit of fat is already starting to cause problems. We have a windpipe going down starting from our mouths, going through our throat and into our lungs. The air that we breathe comes in through that route and that is what keeps us alive.

Stay in shape to prevent snoring

Collecting fat in the neck area puts more and more pressure on the windpipe from the outside of it and so it is forced to be more and more squished under this pressure, but we need the same amount of air and probably we need more air, because our body has become bigger so we need to nourish it more. So we have an increased demand for air on one side and a smaller (well thinner is more accurate) on the other side and this is what creates the problem.

Snoring is forcing the air through the windpipe

What we then do is we breathe and force the air through the windpipe and we, unconsciously, use the muscles in our necks to keep the windpipe open. But at night time this is totally different. We relax completely and so do our muscles and the windpipe is not able to keep fully open due to the pressure from the fat and so the air is being forced into it which creates vibrations which we call snoring.

Prevent snoring by losing weight

By far the healthiest way of preventing snoring from happening is to stay in shape. Among all the snoring solutions this is the most favourable option. Not only you would be healthy all around and avoiding a range of illnesses, but you will not be putting pressure on your windpipe and you would be able to breathe properly. This is naturally easier said than done in our hectic lifestyles, but if you want to avoid side effects of various treatments, or risks from having to be operated, or the discomfort and costs of wearing various anti snoring devices then you will seriously consider to prevent snoring by staying in shape.


  1. This is really great actually! This shows that people can take care of their snoring problems and stop snoring by something very natural like staying in shape instead of buying all kinds of drugs and devices! thanks for this post!

  2. I didn’t realize there is a connection between being in a good shape and snoring, thanks for this explanation

  3. Thanks for this nice prevent snoring by staying in shape article, I think it was very simple and good advice

  4. my hubby lost a lot of weight last year and there was definitely a visible impact on his previous loud snoring

  5. It is much easier said than done though 🙁
    I have been trying to get in shape and lose some weight for a long time now and I do hope that also this will solve the snoring like you say