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Is There Any Anti Snore Medicine?

Snoring affects almost all people, maybe just in different degree and frequency. If you or any of your family members snore heavily and frequently, you should not take this matter lightly. It does not only decrease the amount and value of your sleep. It also makes you prone to a variety of health-related problems and even relationship issues!

How does snoring occur?

When your soft palate region (the back area of the roof of the mouth) vibrates, snoring occurs. It can happen due to different reasons. The airway might be narrowed or blocked which causes snoring. Tissues between the tonsils might also vibrate every time you breathe during sleep, which also contributes to the sound of snoring.

Is sleeping in separate bedrooms the solution?

Maybe you have done it all. Acquire a specific position during sleep, using various anti snoring devices, avoiding heavy meals and caffeine before sleep. But to no avail. You are tired of being tired during the day or just could not bear risking your romantic or marital relationship just because one of you snores incessantly. Sleeping in separate bedrooms might seem the best solution but it does not have to be that way.

Finding the right anti snore medicine

Is There Any Anti Snore Medicine

You can put an end to snoring, thanks to the new technological advances of our modern days. It is important to consult a doctor before using a specific anti snore medicine. Some may only relive snoring on a temporary basis while others might not even produce the desired effect you are expecting. Right now, there are anti snoring sprays that minimizes the vibration of the throat tissues which causes snoring. This can be sprayed at the back of the tongue, uvula, or the throat. Another anti snore medicine is by using a syringe injection directly to the throat area. Scars are then formed, which helps in stabilizing the soft palate region to control your breathing.

If you are willing to take drastic measures, you can have some of your throat tissues surgically removed to increase your airway size. Some people who are tired of using oral devices or nose mask are willing to take this risk.

Anti snoring pills as a comfortable solution

There are also anti snoring pills and believe it or not they do work. You can read about how they work in “How would anti snoring pills cure snoring?” but basically they reduce inflammations and clean up the mucus. This is also a viable solution to stop snoring and I do believe with more technological advancements more of these will become available to everyone.

Other options for anti snore medicine

If you are scared of using these modern drugs or procedures but still desperately want to find the best cure for snoring, you can look for natural home remedies or even herbs. By preventing nasal congestion, you can find relief from snoring. Maintaining an ideal weight can also prevent you from snoring. Alcohol and cigarettes also contributes greatly to snoring so you might as well steer clear of these things. Actually, it is more of a lifestyle change if you do not want to subject your body to medical treatments and surgeries.

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  1. we are currently using the sleeping in separate bedrooms approach, so if there was a working anti snore medicine, anti snore pills or whatever like that we would definitely give it a shot…
    but that said i would not buy without proper recommendations

  2. to be honest, right now I would not trust any anti snoring pills or medicine – that’s just my feeling