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Prevent Snoring With a Few Lifestyle Changes

Snoring is a medical condition where because of an obstruction, as the air passes through your air passageway it will produce some vibrations i.e. snores.  While there are many snoring solutions available, prevention is always better than cure.

Ways to Prevent Snoring just with Lifestyle

Changes to a Sedentary Lifestyle

  1. Lose the Excess Pounds: Obesity places a lot of pressure on the tissues in your throat. This is a major cause of snoring simply because the air is not able to freely pass through to your lungs and is being obstructed. So by losing even a little bit of weight, the fatty tissue in your throat will be reduced considerably, thus preventing snoring. But do understand that the body can not lose fat from one particular area so you would have to generally reduce the quantity of fat over time.
  2. Exercise: Exercise will do two things: firstly it will make you lose weight thus helping to prevent snoring; secondly it will strengthen your muscles which is an active tissue burning calories all the time even when you are just sitting doing nothing. The more muscles you have the higher your metabolism will be and this will help keep your body in check.

Prevent snoring easily

Diet Related Changes to Prevent Snoring

  1. Smoking: If you are a regular smoker then you should know that you can prevent snoring by getting rid of this habit. Also, as a result you will most probably enjoy a host of other benefits. Smoking will block your airways and make it harder to breathe; additionally these blocked airways will produce vibrations or snores. There are also general breathing and health problems related to snoring.
  2. Alcohol: Before bedtime, avoid alcohol; alcohol will relax your throat muscles so it would be difficult for your body to keep your breathing passage open and this thereby causing snoring. The recommendation here is not to quit drinking altogether, but allow your body at least 4 hours to absorb and digest the alcohol before you sleep. Also a good tip is to eat well when you drink because the additional food consumption will reduce the effect of alcohol.
  3. Sedatives: Sedatives will act in the same way as alcohol. They will relax your muscles thereby creating an obstruction in your airway which will cause snoring. One of the most popular examples in this category are sleeping pills. This means do not just use sleeping pills anytime you feel like it, but rather keep them for emergency situations only.

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  1. Very nice suggestions to prevent snoring by completely natural means. Shows yet again that we don’t have to run to the doctor for everything.