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Does Pillar Procedure Really Work?

The pillar procedure effectiveness is no longer hidden now. Basically, this is a minimally invasive way of stiffening the actual soft palette that sticks to placing modest woven implants in to the soft palette. The Pillar Procedure was approved to be a treatment regarding snoring from the FDA in 2002, and regarding mild-to-moderate obstructive sleep apnea in 2004.

The Pillar Procedure is usually performed in a doctor’s office and usually takes about 20 minutes, which is done under local anesthesia. During the Pillar Process, three modest polyester rods are implanted in the soft palate with the patient’s throat. The inserts provide more support to the soft palette, and over time the human body’ s scar tissue response causes the structure to harden and bind with the implants, slightly stiffening the actual soft palate to keep it coming from totally relaxing when the patient sleeps.

Pillar Procedure Effectiveness

Does Pillar Procedure Really Work?

As per the Clinical studies, pillar procedure is quite effective as

  • Many patients have experienced a significant loss of snoring intensity.
  • Bed partner satisfaction having snoring reduction following Pillar Procedure may be documented in 80% or more
  • Approximately 80% patients demonstrated a decrease in their anti snoring hypopnea listing (AHI), and benefits were permanent at 1 year after the particular Pillar Method. 3
  • Patient’s knowledgeable less daytime sleepiness as well as significant upgrades in lifestyle following your Pillar Method.

Pillar Procedure for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

As compared to other procedures used for treating snoring and sleep apnea, pillar procedure is quite effective. There are many benefits of undergoing this treatment such as

Less Discomfort

The actual Pillar Process doesn’t entail the permanent surgery of structure or require lasers, radiofrequency vitality, or chemicals to kill tissue. The actual Pillar Process causes small discomfort, and quite a few patients get back to normal diet and activities at the identical day.

Less Invasive

Your Pillar Procedure is conducted in 1 quick office check out. Other palatal procedures may require multiple therapies over a series of visits, or perhaps a managing room treatment.


Many patients report a visible improvement in snoring in weeks, while some may take up to three months to realize the full benefit in the Pillar Method, which was designed to have the lasting consequence.

This Pillar Procedure offers a unique way of control snoring as well as mild to help moderate situations of sleep apnea. In general, it seems to be a possible solution that could work for some. However, the rate of effectiveness greatly is dependent on the structure of the mouth and soft palate. Pillar Procedure Effectiveness also largely is dependent upon the doctor way of treating and the seriousness of the problem.