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Exercises To Prevent Snoring

To begin with a note to say that there are plenty of fitness and weight loss exercises which can all help you in preventing your snoring and you can find a lot of information on weight loss websites. So in this article we are going to focus on exercises, as snoring solutions, which you can do in addition to regular exercises but these ones specifically target snoring by strengthening the muscles in the neck, throat, jaw and tongue.

As a general rule the more you can do the better.

MOTION: Exercises To Prevent Snoring

Chewing gum

Or pretending to do so, doesn’t really matter which one you do, but the motion itself works the muscles in your mouth including your tongue.

Jaw extension

Extending your lower jaw outward as far as you can until you feel a tension in your jaw – then hold it as long as you can, rest and repeat, but take care not to hurt yourself, just having tension is enough.

Exercises Preventing Snoring Megan Fox Tongue

Open mouth wide

There are two variations of this: one involves opening your mouth as wide as possible and holding again for as long as possible and the second one involves doing the same, or attempting to, while your lips are closed.

Huge grin

Smile as wide and as big as possible and hold that crazy facial expression as long as you can. Repeat.

Tongue crunches

Pull out your tongue and point straight ahead as far as you can and hold. Next, go to the left cheek + hold, next to the right cheek + hold, next down and then up.

SOUND: Exercises To Prevent Snoring

The special phrase

Exercises Preventing Snoring man singing in the shower

Repeat this phrase: “The lips, the teeth, the tip of the tongue” – the more the better

Singer training 1

Sing “LALALA” as loud as you can trying to do as long “A” as possible

Singer training 2

Sing “KAKAKA” as loud as you can trying to do as long “A” as possible

Singer training 3

Sing “MAMAMA” as loud as you can trying to do as long “A” as possible

For the above 3 singer trainings the idea is to work your neck and throat muscles so you need to feel that they are working while you are making the sound vibrations. Experiment until you can feel them because any other way of making the sounds will not do.

Final words on Exercises To Prevent Snoring

These methods to tackle snoring are very safe when compared to other snoring solutions and they do not cost anything. It is important, especially for the facial and vocal exercises to make certain that other people don’t see you because you may feel bad about it or they might think you are really strange. Still, these exercises can help you prevent snoring and you can do them in your home, in the shower, in the corner of a public transport, in the car and so on.


  1. very interesting solutions for snoring
    p.s. megan fox is awesome! 🙂

  2. wow you can really strengthen all those mouth / tongue muscles and prevent snoring from happening? cool

  3. I am not an expert, but I think there is some very good logic in doing these exercises and I do think they should have some impact on snoring or not

  4. hey if I can do singing exercises for my voice also and in parallel stop snoring problems then this is fantastic
    then maybe all singers should not snore no?