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You can stop snoring by changing your sleep position

It is known that people snore more when sleeping on their back with their face up towards the ceiling. This happens because in this position the top parts of the air passage are pulled down by gravity and this reduces the size of the passage which increases the pressure of the air that is trying to pass through. This creates vibrations and we call that snoring.

So one thing that you can try very easily and without spending any money is to change your sleeping position to stop your snoring. So if you always sleep on your back try to learn to sleep on one of the sides. This can be difficult but it is not impossible even if you slept and snored on your back your entire life.

If you see even the slightest change in your snoring then it is working, but probably you are tossing and turning while you sleep.

At first it may feel unnatural to sleep on one of your sides, but after about 40 days of this your body will develop the habit of sleeping on the side and it will be as natural to you as it is today sleeping and snoring on your back.

Best of luck to you in your quest to stop snoring by changing your sleeping position.

One Comment

  1. interesting, I didn’t know sleeping position is connected to snoring
    so sleeping on the side then to prevent snoring? ok, now only to learn it