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Prevent snoring by changing your breathing

Here is a very easy, safe and completely free way of preventing snoring – prevent snoring by changing the way you breathe. Maybe it sounds strange at the first glance, but let me explain and you will be amazed how simple a concept this is.

The way we breathe is not a fixed thing

Breathing is just like anything else we do like sleeping, eating, walking, etc. So start thinking about breathing as just another activity. The only special thing about breathing is that it is carried out every single moment of our lives by our unconscious brain or perhaps it is more accurate to say that it is carried out actively by our brain but we are not told about it.

As just another activity we form habits as we keep doing it over time, that is, as we breathe in a certain way every day we form more and more solid habit of doing it exactly and specifically that way. However, it is a fact that various peoples living all over the planet do not all breathe the same way and it all comes from the way we have been taught since childhood.

prevent snoring by re-training breathing

Connection of breathing and snoring

As far as snoring is concerned we are not going to go in-depth about all the various types of breathing (and there are many!) and we are just going to narrow down to two types of breathing, that is, breathing through the nose or breathing through the mouth.

The vast majority of snorers snore through their throat and therefore it is absolutely possible and completely safe to re-train oneself to start breathing through the nose. As a matter of fact this is probably one of the best snoring solutions possible. Now you can imagine if you have been doing throat breathing and snoring for many years or many dozens of years it will take some effort to re-train, but no matter what age you are the investment is well worth it because most likely, even if you are a pensioner, you are still going to live another 20-30 years if not more and all those years could be completely snore free.

Prevent snoring by breathing differently

If you are a throat snorer then learn slowly over time to switch to nose breathing, and, if you are a nasal snorer then just do the opposite. Although for nasal snoring you might look into the cause because if it is just snoring due to nasal congestion then you can perhaps easier solve the congestion problem than to do the re-training. How to change your breathing? Look in the direction of meditation, breathing exercises or simply exercise at home by consciously breathing through your nose. Every day will add to your new habit and over weeks and months you will all of a sudden notice you have switched.


  1. Wow! What a simple and yet an absolutely amazing idea to stop snoring by re-training the way you breathe! Really amazing!!!

    • Truly genious idea to stop snoring!

    • Prevent snoring through such a simple thing as breathing?! GENIOUS!

  2. thanks for this changing breathing tip, who would have thought something so simple can eliminate snoring!