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Laughrat 00069 SnoRest Pills REVIEW

Produced by Laughrat, which is a rather amusing name for a company, the Laughrat 00069 SnoRest anti snoring pills are made like candy, so taking them should be quite pleasant and they would do absolutely nothing to fix your snoring problems :).

Laughrat 00069 SnoRest is Best as a Gift for Snorers

Laughrat 00069 SnoRest Anti-Snoring Novelty Candy Pills are probably best as a gift from husband to wife or visa versa or basically from one partner to another just to say, in a funny way, “you are snoring darling and I have had enough of it!”

Laughrat 00069 SnoRest Anti-Snoring Novelty Candy Pills

But why not have a go at your sleepover snoring friends or even parents. At least, it is a way of not making the other person feel bad, because it is pretty much impossible to feel bad and laugh at the same time. And laughter is probably guaranteed because practically nobody has seen anything like anti snoring candy pills so just by seeing something bizarre like this they would likely laugh about it with you and as they say experiences like these are priceless.

Communicate About Snoring in a Positive Way

They are only $9.99 at the time of writing this article, and although they are not among the proper snoring solutions, that’s still a pretty low cost idea for a gift for any time during the year. I think it’s great to have such gift innovations because they keep us away from the negative but allow us to communicate something which is very important in a very different kind of a way.

Anti Snoring Pills

Just for your information there are actually real anti snoring pills unlike Laughrat 00069 SnoRest which is nothing like that and there are people who have given some very positive reviews about them on Amazon or other similar shops, but do be careful when you take any pills, so make sure to do proper research and not take something potentially dangerous.


  1. Laughrat 00069 SnoRest Pills are truly very funny idea

  2. hahaha for a moment there i didn’t understand, i thought these are real anti snoring pills, but they are just candy! hahaha

  3. I am actually seriously considering these anti snoring pills for a gift this Christmas!! I hope I will not be too late in ordering! Few bucks for a lot of laughing – a great idea! 🙂

  4. Laughrat 00069 SnoRest pills are hillarious!! HAHAHA!!!

  5. Very funny idea for anti snoring pills gift, but I must say I don’t have the guts to use them!! 🙂

  6. Really funny idea for anti snoring pills or candy I should say