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REVIEW: Snore Eliminator Chin Strap

The chin strap for snoring made by Snore Eliminator is made from soft neoprene material and is adjustable to support the lower jaw while you sleep. It is very light weight and its design guarantees that the chin strap always fitting properly by customizing, though Velcro adjustments, for each individual. The jaw support provided by this snoring chin strap opens up the breathing airways thereby stopping snoring and also mild cases of sleep apnea.

Positive buyer comments on the Snore Eliminator Chin Strap

(Feedback from buyers on Amazon)

Snore Eliminator Stop Snoring Chin Strap on the head

  • very satisfied with the results
  • I’ve been very pleased with this chin strap, it’s done exactly what I had expected it to do
  • very comfortable and reasonably priced
  • Great Snoring Remedy
  • It works and i love it

All in all, 6 out of 13 rated this snoring chin strap 5 stars out of 5.

Negative feedback on the chin strap

  • Not for restless sleepers
  • Didn’t work for me
  • works… kind of…

All in all, 3 out of 13 rated this snoring chin strap 1 star out of 5.

Final results on the review of this snoring chin strap

Snore Eliminator Snoring Chin Strap box

Looking closely at the details of those people who wrote very negative comments it is possible to see that they did not really know how a snoring chin strap works. Such a snoring device can not cure all types of snoring, but is very good at curing snoring due to mouth breathing, tongue obstruction and also mild sleep apnea. I think they were expecting some very cheap magic solution for all people, which does not exist. So my conclusion is that they had more serious cases which would need an investigation into more serious snoring solutions than a snoring chin strap to solve. It was very well said by one of the buyers who gave a 3 star neutral rating. He said:

  • I think my condition is to blame rather than the device

So an objective evaluation on this snoring chin strap based on my research would be:

  • There were no complaints about the quality of the materials. This is important because the snoring chin strap is something you wear all the time.
  • There were no complaints in general about low quality
  • The Snore Eliminator Chin Strap actually functions exactly as in theory jaw support is supposed to function
  • And finally it costs only $19.79 at the time of writing this review (and even some even cheaper version also available from other sellers) so with such a low price it should not be a problem to try for those who have a mild condition

Thanks for reading this snoring chin strap review. If you want you can see also my other reviews or check out other snoring solutions.