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Can Snoreless Pillow Effectively Eliminate Snoring?

Snoring can be a problem by the sufferer and equally disturbing for people who sleep together in the same room with the sufferer. Snoring may happen to everyone at some point in their hives. However, there are just really some people who snore very loud, that it can wake other who are already sleeping, or worst, they can cause others not being able to totally fall asleep.  Aside from having disturbing and annoying effects to others who are sleeping in the same room, snoring can cause a disruption to the sufferer. The sufferer will not be able to sleep well and often wakes up the next morning feeling not well rested, dizzy, and tired.

Causes of Snoring:

Snoring during sleep can be caused by a lot of different reasons. Some people snore during certain nights when they were tired and stressed during the day. Aside from exhaustion and stress, snoring can also be caused by:

  • Blocked Airways due to Improper Sleeping Position
  • Obesity can cause accumulation of excess body fat in the neck and chest region, which can obstruct the airway, thus resulting to snoring during sleep.
  • Physical abnormalities in the throat tissues which results in the vibration of the tissues that causes loud snoring sounds.

Anti-Snoring Pillows:

Snoreless Pillow

Both the sufferer of snoring and the person or people around the sufferer have always wished to find an easy and non-invasive solution for the snoring condition. And now, studies have proven that there are pillows that are specially designed to help in enhancing snore reduction. One type of this specially designed anti-snore pillow is Snoreless Pillow.

How the Snoreless Pillow Works:

The Snoreless Pillow is an effective type of anti-snoring pillow, which causes snore reduction by manipulating and supporting the person’s head to be properly aligned in such a way that will make the airway free from obstruction, due to improper sleeping position. Maintaining a proper sleeping position can promote enough inhalation of oxygen and reduce or totally eliminate snoring.

Aside from promoting proper alignment of the head and neck, the snoreless pillow also has the ability to move the person’s jaw slightly forward while sleeping. As the jaw is slightly forwarded, the chin will then be lifted from the chest during sleep. Slightly lifted chin can prevent breathing difficulties, which can also cause snoring.

Using the Snoreless Pillow will not just eliminate or reduce snoring, it can also improve quality of sleep, which means that the person who suffers from snoring can wake up the next day feeling totally refreshed and well rested.