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Jaw muscle weakness leading to snoring

It is quite possible that you never snored before and all of a sudden start snoring. There are a number of reasons why this could happen and one of those reasons is the weakening of jaw muscles.

Jaw muscles and snoring

It can happen that over time, as you age, your jaw muscles may weaken and arrive to the point where your mouth stays open while you sleep. It is important to note that this is different from young and healthy people who sleep with their mouth open. They do this because of habit, which they have learned over many years. Here we are not talking about snoring of that kind, but we are talking about starting of snoring among those people who were breathing through the nose and had their mouth closed while they sleep.

For these people, it could be the case that they have some tissue obstruction in their mouth such as an enlarged soft palate or uvula, which would have caused snoring if they were breathing through the mouth, but since the breathing was done through the nose there was no snoring.

Jaw muscle weakness leading to snoring

But now if the jaw muscles weaken and the mouth opens up when sleeping then this snoring problem will come from the background to the light and you could experience snoring from one day to another.

Snoring chin straps are the only no-risk snoring solution for this

The only way to solve this problem would be to use a snoring chin strap in order to keep the mouth closed at all hours during sleep. This way, the weakening of the jaw muscles would be offset by the mechanical fixation of the jaw by the anti snoring chin strap and the person would naturally begin breathing again through the nose thereby eliminating or stopping snoring.

Other snoring solutions for this case

The only other way would be to having a surgery to solve your snoring problem, but a snoring surgery like any other medical operation is considered a high risk action, because a surgery is a major shock to the body no matter if it is small or big. So I would recommend to avoid surgery when there are much less risky snoring solutions available.


  1. I don’t like the idea of wearing a snoring chin strap but I also can not think of another way to keep the mouth closed during sleep…

  2. my neighbor has this jaw muscle weakness and snoring, because before there was no issue and then all of a sudden he told me he started snoring and his wife noticed his mouth is open when he sleeps which was also not the case before from what I understood