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Can I tape my lips together to prevent snoring?

No, please do not do that because it can have negative consequences. This must be one of the more silly “snoring solutions”. Here is exactly why you should not tape your lips together to try to prevent snoring:

1st reason – it does not work

Firstly, it will simply not work, because your body is not expecting such a thing and you will either take it off yourself while sleeping or have a shock reaction (see below) and, moreover, most importantly, it does nothing at all to prevent or cure snoring. Please understand that snoring happens because there is an obstruction in the back of your mouth or in your throat and the air is not able to pass properly, so putting a tape on your lips will not affect this at all. Even more so in case of nasal snoring and nasal congestion where the tape will only kill you by closing off the only working breathing channel.

Body shock and panic

Even if you force yourself to do something so silly as taping your lips together and even if you somehow get over the sleeplessness and insomnia problems and manage to fall asleep, then you still have a high chance to wake up in the middle of the night in shock and panic because of inability to breathe or basically an innate body self defence reaction waking you up and trying to force you to get rid of this foreign “attacked”.
This will only disturb your sleep quality and do nothing to your snoring.

you can not prevent snoring by taping your lips at night

Skin irritation issues

Also important would be that the regular usage of such tapes would create skin irritation and skin diseases because of all the glue and chemicals you would keep on applying to your lips and mouth area. It is true that there are hypoallergenic tapes, but most tapes are not so and still, even with the special tapes, they are not perfect and regularly using them would definitely cause irritation.

What you can use a tape for:

There is actually a valid method to use a tape (hypoallergenic one) but not while sleeping, but while you are awake, to consciously re-train yourself to breathe through the nose and not from the mouth. After a long time of training while awake you will start to notice that you are able to sleep while breathing through your nose without any tape. This is a valid breathing training method where the tape is never used while sleeping.

Through this method it is possible to stop snoring or prevent snoring by bypassing the mouth related obstructions, like the tongue rolling back, so if you do it correctly you can indeed prevent snoring by taping your lips together, but during the day and only specific types of snoring.


  1. thanks for this explanation on taping lips and snoring, i wanted to know this

  2. why would anyone think to tape their lips to stop snoring? that’s crazy!!

  3. If you tape your mouth shut, you’ll be forced to breathe thru your nose, which is how you should breathe when you’re sleeping. So, how and why would shock occur?