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How CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow Can Help with Your CPAP Therapy

Is it difficult to sleep with a CPAP mask? Maybe a CPAP sleep aid pillow can help. In this article we will learn how to improve sleep quality or learn sleep better with CPAP machine using a pillow designed especially for the purpose.

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Why You Need To Change Simple Pillow with CPAP Pillow?

Why a special pillow for CPAP can be so useful during sleep apnea treatment. Is it worth spending extra money on a new pillow while you already have spent good amount on CPAP machine? Let’s look at some benefits of CPAP pillow:

  • Improved sleep comfort
  • It reduces the mask leaks
  • Improvement in CPAP compliance
  • Reduces pressure on face and the mask
  • Improves spine alignment and provides neck support
  • Helps with airway alignment

    CPAP Sleep Aid Pillow

Should You Sleep On Your Back While Using CPAP?

It’s a widely known fact that sleeping on your back worsens the condition. When someone sleeps on their back it gravity pulls the soft tissues of the soft palate and tongue, down into the back of the throat and creates airway obstruction. Moreover, if you turn more often during sleep, it will be hard to avoid difficulty using mask, even while you are using a CPAP sleep aid pillow. You need to first focus on a strategy to sleep on your side to accommodate a CPAP therapy.

Falcon Sleeping Posture for CPAP Users

If you are a side sleeper or stomach, falcon sleeping position may work for you. The sleeping position is also known as “partial swastika sleeping position” due to the position of the arm and leg that look like a swastika. It can help you reduce the sleep apnea symptoms and is suggested to CPAP users as well.

Do you need a CPAP pillow?

Sleep apnea patients using CPAP mask usually have to face the CPAP mask leaks problem. It seems that standard pillow don’t provide proper support and allows your head to tilt back, produces pain and discomfort at jaw joints. A CPAP aid pillow however, supports your head and neck and tilts it forward at an alleviated position and reduces pain while you are on CPAP. The pillow is an ideal choice for you even if you are a side sleeper. It doesn’t interfere with the mask and make you sleep comfortably.

Important Tips to Choose A CPAP Pillow

There are couples of things you need to consider:

  • CPAP users require a tall edge to keep the things out of contact with the mattress
  • CPAP pillow provide adequate height and support without the use of a second pillow.
  • CPAP pillows are usually designed for side sleepers. If you are a back sleeper you should use a thin pillow.
  • If you feel little discomfort with double edge CPAP pillow, you can open the pillow and take out some of its stuffing to make it softer. There is about 5 inches space along the back edge that you can open to remove the stuffing.