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Snoring Solutions SleepRight Side Sleeping Foam Pillow by Splintek Review

Pillow Based Snoring Solutions

Snoring is something a person does not intend to do when he or she is sleeping and snoring solutions are definitely not on anyone’s dreamlist. However, the snorer himself is not the one who is greatly affected with his condition, it is usually his partner or other people who are sleeping with him in the same room that are greatly affected. Snoring is not just a sound produced when a person is sleeping, it can also be an indication of a person to suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea can be a life-threatening sleep disorder, which is characterized by a person to experience multiple episodes of breathing cessation during sleep. That is why, there are anti snoring pillows designed by experts, to help in resolving snoring problems and help in preventing complications of snoring to a person’s health.

Anti Snoring Pillows – Snoring Solutions:

Anti snoring pillows are generally designed by doctors as a therapeutic aid for people who are suffering from snorers. The aim for doctors who designed anti snoring pillows is to help a person in maintaining an improved and obstruction-free airway while a person is sleeping, since one cause of snoring is due to an obstruction to the throat. As much as possible, anti snoring pillows should also provide comfort to the person sleeping, to improve quality of sleep.

There are a lot of different anti snoring pillows available in the market these days. However, not all people find a specific type of anti snoring pillow to be effective. And sometimes, some people don’t find anti snoring pillows to be effective. But one really good thing about this type of snoring solutions is that all the pillows are a natural way to stop snoring and do not disturb or affect your body negatively.

SleepRight Side Sleeping Foam Pillow by Splintek

SleepRight Side Sleeping Foam Pillow

The SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow was developed to help in reducing, head, neck, and jaw tension. It is considered to be one of the most advanced side sleeping pillow available in the market today. Aside from reducing tension to the head, neck, and jaw, the pillow can also help in reducing snoring, thus improving quality of sleep.

How Does the SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow Work?

The pillow comes in a 12 degree shoulder cradle, which helps in accommodating the angle between the head, neck, and shoulder as a person is sleeping on his or her side. This can help in relieving pressure tension, thus providing more comfort during sleep. Its memory foam is Visco-elastic that can conform to the facial contour of the person sleeping. This pillow also helps in improving and maintains proper alignment of the spinal column with the neck and throat, which can improve airway, thus improving breathing. Such a spinal alignment is rather common to find in pillow based snoring solutions.

Product Features:

  • SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow – Size: 24x12x4
  • The SleepRight Side Sleeping Pillow is the most advanced side sleeping design available
  • It was developed to reduce snoring, insomnia, sleep apnea, head, neck and jaw tension
  • It comes standard with a machine washable, hypoallergenic, cotton velour cover

SleepRight Side Sleeping Foam Pillow Buyer Feedback Chart

Extracts of Positive and Negative Comments from Amazon:

Extracts of Positive Comments:

“I cannot sleep on my back. Sleeping on my side with normal flimsy pillows has aggravated old shoulder injuries. The only way I could get any relief was by stacking two or three of them. I thought the price of the Sleepright was outrageous (and it was when purchased elsewhere). Since getting my first side sleeper my shoulders have been improving steadily to the point where I can once again lift heavy loads above my head. When I discovered that I could buy this pillow at Amazon for 30% less than my original purchase, I bought a thicker one, and gave my old one to my wife (Who had been stealing it whenever she could manage).”

“We bought this pillow for my 74 year old father in November for his birthday. When he came to our house for Christmas, he brought his pillow with him, says he can’t sleep well without it. He sleeps better now than he has in years thanks to this pillow. My only regret is that I wish I had found this pillow a long time ago.”

“Helps me sleep, supports my neck and keeps me from snoring. Recommend for anyone with neck or back problems or wants to keep from getting them. Great product.”

Extracts of Negative Comments:

“the pillow was way too high for my 6’4″ husband so it was a complete waste. he tried it for about 2 or 3 weeks then he finally had enough. it was hurting his back and neck. what a disappointment (and waste of money)!”

“This company shipped me a used product and are not responding to my e-mail requests for a refund. It was not sealed in a bag when received and was clearly used, had human body hair on it. I will update if they ever respond … but so far they are ignoring my complaints!!”

“The pillow was delivered promptly with no issues. This pillow may be fine for someone who needs more firmer neck support while slide sleeping, but it does not reduce snoring at all. I would not recommend this pillow if you are buying it to reduce snoring. It also takes some getting used to as it is a very firm, thick pillow made of memory foam. It also gets very warm due to the foam core.”

Extracts of Comments from Online Forums:

Extracts of Positive Comments:

“This is the best pillow I’ve ever owned! It is very comfortable and definitely worth buying if you have neck pain in the mornings! Love it!”

“previously I slept with 2-3 pillows-moving them around several times during the night. no more. this pillow is GREAT for side sleepers like me. the right firmness, and most importantly, the right curvature. love it!”

Extracts of Negative Comments:

“I bought my first pillow and loved it. I then ordered a second one. When I received the second one, itwas flat and did not give me any support. Now, the first pillow is not as thick and has no support for neck and head, too flat. Good concept, But needs more support. I won’t buy another one.”

“this pillow is very thin, after sleeping on it two nights it was flat and thin. I was very dissapointed. I hoped it would support my neck and back. Great idea, but just too thin. Its like sleeping without any pillow. I dont suggest buying this.”

Review Final Verdict on SleepRight Side Sleeping Foam Pillow:

This type of anti snoring pillow is not recommended to be used by people who are back sleepers. This type of pillow is specially designed for side sleepers. However, this pillow is worth-trying, for a lot of people who tried using SleepRight Side Sleeping Foam Pillow find it effective.

A note on snoring solutions

If you are looking for solutions and something does not appeal to you just have a look at others, there are many snoring solutions available – just browse our website.