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Do snoring chin straps work?

In this article I will explain that snoring chin straps work, but also that they do not work and the positive or negative answer will depend on the cause of snoring and the severity of the condition. So let’s begin by looking at some basic understanding when it comes to devices for snoring or actually any other case:

Simple things to understand for a snoring device or any other

As you may know there are thousands of different devices and machines in the world and they all have their purpose. To answer if snoring chin straps work is kind of the same as to understand the general idea. For example a car is also a device which helps someone get from one place to another. As a general rule that device works, but if you need to carry something very heavy like a tractor then it doesn’t work (This is equivalent to you having a much more serious health problem and trying to use a simple device). Also, you can buy an expensive one or a cheap one and they both work, but other issues arise due to the quality difference (Exactly same in chin straps for snoring). And finally, if you are a king then probably not just any car would do for you. (Here we can both discuss about the level of comfort a person requires and the complexity of the problem)

Snoring chin straps - Do they work?

Not “Do snoring chin straps work?” – but are they meant to?

Here is something simple that a lot of people don’t seem to understand. A snoring chin strap is designed to fix snoring problems to do with the mouth/throat area, so if someone has nasal congestion and is snoring with what is called “nasal snoring” then it would not even be logical for the snoring chin strap to work if this person tries to use it. So in this case you have to say they don’t work – but they were not meant to for something like this.

Similarly, for people who have much bigger problems like severe obstructive sleep apnea and perhaps other vibration problems due to enlarged tissues (e.g. tonsils, uvula) then a simple snoring solution like the snoring chin straps should not be expected to work. Therefore, there is no reason to get angry at them because they were not meant for this purpose.

Do snoring chin straps work as they are designed?

Yes, very much so. I can confidently say from all my research that if you use the snoring chin straps for snoring problems they were meant for then they definitely work. They are not a mysterious or magic snoring solution or device and if you read a little bit about chin straps then you can understand that they are a very simple mechanical device and there is no reason for them not to work to cure snoring. Moreover, among other snoring solutions the snoring chin straps are very cheap, sometimes not even comparable in price to other solutions.

If chin straps for snoring work also depends on the quality and person

Concerning chin strap quality

Quality matters a lot because this is something you have to wear on your head all the time when you sleep so a bad quality snoring chin strap will likely be not comfortable or irritate the skin or fall of your head and many other possible problems. So when you are looking for snoring solutions and you decide on getting a chin strap, they are already so cheap, I would suggest to get the better quality one.

Concerning the attitude of the person using it

If the person is being very negative, complaining all the time and pushing it off the head then the snoring chin strap can not do its job. There could be valid reasons for this like low quality chin strap which is not comfortable, but it could also simply be that the person is capricious and showing attitude, unwilling to make any compromises.


  1. I was searching for basically exactly this – if the snoring chin straps work or not, so thank you for your article

  2. there are really people with nasal snoring who think to use chin straps for snoring? lol 😛

  3. very clear article, thank you, so the snoring chin straps work for what they are designed, but not for other things even if snoring related