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Snoring mouth guards can be Lifesavers

Due to our ever changing life styles, sleep disorders are common, this is why Snoring mouth guards are so common. Up to 45% of the world’s adult population suffers from a snoring problem at some stage in their lives. Some people think snoring is funny and somewhat of a joke, it’s not. Snorers can suffer many health issues like daytime drowsiness, mood-swings, low energy levels and decrease productivity. More serious problems can occur like high blood-pressure, diabetes, stroke and even heart disease. It keeps your partner awake, makes them irritable, frustrated and tired. As the lack of sleep intensifies, pressure builds they are forced to sleep elsewhere, feeling dreadful and eventually marriages and sex lives are destroyed. Does this all sound familiar?

The snorer’s work suffers too. Mistakes at work are made, often at the determent of work-colleagues. Fortunately, there is a very cost effective solution which is readily available without prescription. Snoring mouth guards are anti-snoring devices. They have been proven successful in various clinical trials, where 75% of the participants were very much improved. The snoring mouth pieces are a great option if you do not want to spend your money on a custom-made device.


What are they made up of ?

A Snoring mouth guard (fig Classic SomnoGuard) is made up of  high quality premium dental resins. It is moulded as a two-tray hinge device, with a bottom tray slightly larger and protruded from the top tray. The device sits comfortably over both jaws, usually straight from the packet. This helps gently to hold the bottom jaw slightly forwards during sleep, keeping the patient’s air-way open. As a result, the patient breathes more easily, stops snoring which results in harmony in the bedroom quickly returns.


Classic SomnoGuard (before and after moulding)

Snoring mouth guard use:

It may take  most people 1-3 weeks to get used to their mouth guard. The discomfort is caused, as the mouth guard brings the jaw forwards. The jaw-joint can be sore in the morning, such pain usually relieves after the morning snack. The discomfort usually decreases with each successive use.


Snoring mouth guard benefits :

Use a mouth guard, and enjoy a comfortable and undisturbed deep sleep, unlike anything that you have experienced before. Wake up feeling more refreshed and energized. No more arguments or complaints from your partner to sleep elsewhere. No expensive equipment like CPAP machines. It stops teeth grinding too. It is easy to use and clean as it is light and portable. Take it anywhere including holidays and trips. mouth pieces such as the SomnoGuard  come with  a 94% success-rate and a 30-day money back guarantee.



  1. My mouthguard was pretty cool, got it molded and everything and it really made a difference for me

    • I didn’t know it could take so long to get used to snoring mouthguards

  2. I want to warn people about getting the really cheap mouth guards cause the material they are made from is really terrible. If you are gonna get one then take something with a higher quality material.

  3. oh you can mold those mouth devices yourself? cool!

  4. In our case the doctor said that the snoring is most likely due to being overweight, but even though we are gonna take steps to correct that it will take a lot of time, so in the meantime we decided together that we will buy one of these mouthguards.