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Sleep well to prevent snoring

It may be a strange thing to hear but you can certainly prevent snoring if you get a good night’s sleep, which is something you should definitely do before trying other solutions for snoring. This can only work for specific cases of snoring which are:

  • more of the mild kind
  • for those who snore after drinking
  • for those who snore after taking sleeping pills or sedatives

And this will certainly not make a difference for more serious cases of snoring, especially where physical obstructions and other medical conditions are involved.

How does quality sleep prevent snoring?

quality sleep prevent snoring

For those snorers described above what happens is that the muscles which keep the windpipe wide open to allow us to breathe properly get numbed or weakened and they are unable to do their job properly. When we are awake, even in those conditions, the muscles are still very much working so we never snore when we are awake, however, when we go to sleep then the whole body enters a deep relaxation state and this also includes all the muscles. However, the body can not survive without breathing and so it has learned to keep some level of functionality working for the throat muscles in order for them to keep the breathing channel open even when we are asleep.

That said, when we are exhausted due to poor sleep, or suffer from sleep deprivation or insomnia, or when we introduce muscle relaxants in the form of alcohol or medicines and pills, we interfere with the body’s ability and negatively influence the muscles which are trying to keep us alive. Consequently, one can not prevent snoring, the windpipe collapses to a smaller or greater extent depending on each individual case and this results in snoring.

What does the chain reaction process look like?

It would all start from getting one or two days of poor sleep, but as we have our responsibilities every day like office, school, events, homework, etc we keep pushing ourselves to perform during the waking hours and continue consolidating damage from poor sleep. Such continuous pressure will certainly result in minor sleep deprivation, which, if continued will turn into a chronic sleep deprivation negatively affecting all parts of your life, not only snoring. Snoring only comes in as one of the smaller side effects due to the weakened throat muscles following regular and daytime exhaustion. So if you are one of these people then don’t look for other snoring solutions, prevent snoring by forcing a strict sleeping schedule.