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Snorestop Fast Tabs REVIEW

Among anti snoring pills there is the Snorestop Fast Tabs, which is a pack of 60 pills made by the company Snorestop and offered as one of the many snoring solutions. They are quite cheap, around 10-11 USD on Amazon and so it is not very difficult to just try and see if they work. Nevertheless I wanted to go a little bit in depth and write a small review on them.

What Fast Tabs Anti Snoring Pills Promise:

  • Firstly they are a homeopathic medicine and as such there is very little or almost no active chemical ingredient inside, so in terms of safety there should not be any issues
  • Fast Tabs promise to reduce or eliminate snoring. Naturally, I think, that if you have mild snoring they might do this, but if you have serious issues perhaps they can improve a little but not cure.
  • Apparently no side effects are known, which is not so surprising given that it is a homeopathic solution as mentioned above, but then again there is a long list of ingredients written by the manufacturer, but ok, no official side effects announced

Snorestop Fast Tabs

What Do Customers Say About Snorestop Fast Tabs?

Looking at the customer reviews, there are 8 of them, I can see 4 people were clearly happy about the pills, 2 were in the middle and 2 did not find them useful at all.

Among the supporters the customer said “surprisingly effective”, but it was mentioned that the snoring was mild and not more serious, which is also quite logical. The buyer also mentioned that the price was very good, as I mentioned above, it is quite cheap.

Naturally among the 1 star rated reviews they simply did not like these anti snoring pills, but looking at the 3 star rated reviews they did acknowledge that it was one of the valid snoring solutions, just were annoyed that you have to take 1 pill 30 minutes before bed and 1 pill at bed time.

I found it also useful to know that actually you have to take 2 pills and not 1 per day, so the 60 pills are good for 1 month. Still 10-11 USD for 1 month of no snoring sounds like a good price to pay.


  1. Very interesting, I didn’t know that anti snoring pills actually exist
    Will read more about these Snorestop Fast Tabs – thanks for the review

    • it’s good you pointed out that these Snorestop Fast Tabs are a homeopathic medicine – i don’t believe in those
      thanks for the good review

    • I found your information about 2 pills instead of 1 pill of Snorestop Fast Tabs very useful to know, they should make it more clear

  2. Thanks for this very short and nice review of Snorestop Fast Tabs

  3. ya maybe these Snorestop Fast Tab anti snoring pills are good for mild snoring but for sure not for severe snoring

  4. Good review on Snorestop Fast Tabs, thanks
    i heard both positive and negative things, so i am still undecided
    anyways, thanks