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How to Identify If It Is Stress Causing You to Snore

Is your snoring indicating you of stress or you think it is just snoring? Our body shows off the stress symptoms in many different ways.

There are emotional, mental and physical symptoms of stress. Emotional symptoms are hostility, nervousness, irritability and lack of sense of humor. Mental stress symptoms include lack of concentration, forgetfulness, calculation errors, lack of interest and confusion. Physical symptoms such as: sweaty palms, indigestion, headaches, holding or shortness of breath, pounding heart, fatigue, nausea, sleeplessness, excessive sleeping, tight muscles and also snoring. Presence of any one among all the stress symptoms in the body may be caused by various factors but when they are two or more together they are considered as the stress indicators.

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Stress is Dangerous to Your Life

As we age, we become more sensitive to the effects to stress hormones. There is a close connection between the middle aged insomnia and increased sensitivity to stress hormones. Stressful situations are a part of the human body development. They prepare body to fight if any sign should ever appear. But as the stress hormone crosses the normal limit and stays there for a longer period of time, stress may even kill you.

Stress and Snoring

Let’s find out if stress causing you to snore.

  • We all have to deal with one or the other stressful situation in our lives. If you started snoring after witnessing a stressful event then you can take snoring as a sign of stress, especially if it has adjoined one or the more stress symptoms mentioned above.
  • A sudden event of stress is not the only case. In our routine life, work and family pressures increases over time and so does the stress. This all eventually manifest in changed breathing patterns, sleep apnea and snoring.
  • Snoring is not restricted to any one stage of sleep; it may appear at all different stages. While non-REM is associated with bodily healing, the REM stage heals the mind. During the REM brain organizes and makes sense of all day’s stimulation process. During the REM sleep; brain is more active, blood pressure level is up and the blood flow and respiration also increases or changes often. If it’s been long since you are in a stressful situation, during REM sleep you may take deep breathes which indicates that brain is trying to make sense of the information. Deep hard breathing, as we all know, leads to snoring.

Breathing Exercises to Cope With Stress and Snoring

Good night’s sleep can be achieved by learning to cope with the stress and avoiding stressful situations in a more positive fashion. Besides the short term benefits, researchers suggest that good night’s sleep is indicator of longer, healthier life. People have got a lot of relief from snoring and many other stress symptoms, when opting relaxing breathing techniques. Breathing exercises combined with meditation have benefits in two folds: it helps body cope with the stress and stressful situation, while at the same time improves body’s breathing pattern. Both are beneficial to get rid of snoring.