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Reduce Snoring Naturally through Simple Exercises

Do you snore? Do you find it difficult to breathe at night? Well if your answer is yes then probably you are having an obstruction in your nasal passage. To help overcome or reduce snoring issues, there are some exercises that you can perform with great ease. These exercises are natural snoring solutions that cost no money and are 100 percent safe to perform.

Neck Exercise

Researches have shown that the underlying cause of snoring is mainly associated with weak neck muscles or neck passage. That is the main reason why exercises to curb snoring usually include techniques to make the throat muscles stronger.

Open and close your mouth and pucker up for 15 seconds before you open your mouth. When you open your mouth; smile for 15 seconds with a wide mouth open. Then close your mouth & keep it closed for 10 seconds while making sure that you lips are touching together.

This exercise is very effective in clearing up the blocked nasal passages by strengthening the neck muscles.

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Tongue Exercise

To open obstructions at the back of the throat, tongue exercises can be very effective. Just stick your tongue out as far as possible. Tilt it at both sides. Do this at least 25 times every day. If you feel a stretching sensation in your mouth, you are doing it correctly. You will also notice that your throat muscle is now much more tightened after performing this exercise for four short weeks.

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Jaw Exercises

When lying down try to move your mouth like you are chewing food. Stick your jaw out by bringing your bottom teeth further than the upper teeth. Repeat it for 15 times and perform this exercise at least 10 times every day.

With time, you will notice that your jaws are tightened and your neck have a leaner look. The extra fat deposits in your neck will also disappear. Sticking out jaw helps you to open up the obstructed air flow passage thereby reducing snoring to a great extent.

Cardio Exercises

Excess body weight is one the primary causes of snoring. Doing cardio exercises everyday will help you lead a healthy life. Regular exercise will help you shed the extra weight from your body as well as it will eliminate fat deposits around your neck. Thus, the airway passage becomes clear and that irritating snoring sound will vanish away. Also doing cardio exercises improves your sleep, which is very important to fight with snoring induced sleep disorders like insomnia.


Even if you are not good at singing, try to sing out loud when in bathroom or doing any household chores. Singing helps to clear your vocal cords, which also gives a great relief in snoring.

Snoring Solutions Calls for Consistency in Your Efforts

There are many more natural snoring solutions like playing a musical instrument such as didgeridoo. However, remember that these exercises will test your patience and the trick is to keep trying. These exercises have no side-effects and will only improve your overall health. If you have are suffering with obstructive sleep apnea, then it’s recommended that you consult your doctor before trying any of the above exercises.