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Elevate your upper body to prevent snoring

Another method of preventing snoring is to elevate your upper body when sleeping. Upper body literally does mean upper body, so don’t confuse it with just elevating the head like some people always do. There are a number of methods of doing this which I talk about below, but first let’s look at why this may work to stop snoring.

Elevating upper body connection with snoring

As discussed we snore for various reasons and specifically when talking about elevating the upper body we are going to look at:

  • Keeping the mouth closed in order to prevent snoring. For some people it may be naturally easier to keep the mouth closed in such an elevated position. This would result in breathing through the nose, which, just structurally may solve the snoring problem.
  • Another cause of snoring is nasal congestion or blockage and the position where the upper body is elevated can assist, due to the angle, in the reduction of this congestion and reduce or eliminate snoring.
  • Finally, when laying flat the force of gravity pulling down tissues above the windpipe may put too much pressure on the air passage and result in snoring. Changing the angle reduces the amount of pressure exerted and may have a positive effect in the attempt to prevent snoring

How to elevate the upper body to prevent snoring

Among other snoring solutions this is by far the cheapest and easiest method to try. Preventing is always better than trying to address a problem after it happens.

Elevate upper body to prevent snoring bed wedge incliner

  • One way is to lift the entire top part of the bed by putting something below the legs of the bed on the side where you have your pillow / where you rest your head. This will elevate the whole bed at an angle which produces the same effect, but just might be a problem with people sleeping with partners
  • Another way is to put something below the pillows to raise the level of support. This is easier and does not disturb the partner, but is less stable as you can push things around when you are sleeping
  • A solution in between is to put something below the mattress. This way it is possible to target just your part of the bed and also you do not have the danger of moving things about.
  • Then, you can buy more pillows or a bigger pillow to increase the support from just 2-3” to much bigger4”+. The disadvantage of this is that over time the pillows may flatten out, but still this is a slow process and maybe you can find a more robust or strong pillow.
  • Lastly, if you want to be cool about it then you can buy specially made bed wedge incliners, which produce this effect in a “nicer” and “more proper” way. Example picture on the right hand side.

So if you want to try, this is a very easy trick to prevent snoring and definitely quicker to do, free and easy to test than other snoring solutions.


  1. I really didn’t know about elevating the upper body connection with snoring. I guess there are more snoring solutions than I know. Always good to learn. Great easy and free way to prevent snoring!

    • I really like this snoring solution because it is even beyond natural, like 200% natural!
      So I will try to elevate my upper body and see if it will prevent snoring

  2. I definitely did not consider to prevent snoring through elevation of the upper body, thanks for this valuable new technique