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Problems and Warnings Related to Pillar Implants

Pillar Implants are made of polyester material and were developed in Europe and now it got the approval of FDA US Government authority for surgical use. This substance has been used in medical products and is quite safe to insert in the body. During the pillar procedure, three petite woven inserts are put in the soft palate that helps in reducing both the capability of the soft palate to restrict airways and vibration that cause snoring. The Pillars are inserted to add a structural support to the soft palate on time and also avoid palatal fluttering of snoring. Many people are however, concerned about its effectiveness, problems and warnings and for that consulting a good ENT Surgeon is a wise decision.

Problems and Warnings Related to Pillar Implants

However, the procedure is less invasive and less painful as compared to other surgical treatment, but there are some problems linked to it. Let us an instant overview of these problems and warnings.

  • Generally, there are no any problems, and if in case implants are rejected by the body, then it can be simply removed.
  • Infection can happen to any implants and this seems quite uncommon in the primary stage of the product.
  • Pillar Implants are for the entire life span, unless extrusion occurs. If this also creates problem, then you can repeat the procedure.
  • This procedure is only effective for those having mild sleep apnea due to palatal problems, not for those suffering from severe sleep apnea due to other factors.
  • The success of the procedure is only effective by tonsil size, tongue position and other factors.

Pillar Implants

The most typical adverse occasion reported seemed to be the partial extrusion on these implants. Generally, patients encountered the extrusion of one of three implants; however in some patients two of the three implants had been extruded. Only 1 patient encountered extrusion off three implants which were replaced without having an incident.

The actual Pillar Procedure is a secure and efficient treatment for snoring, with a small risk of complications or uncomfortable side effects. You are going to be given antibiotics to stop infection along with pain relievers that can help with the discomfort, but many people are able to help resume usual activities within 24 hours. There could be some bloating afterwards, therefore you might experience a painful throat or have a problem swallowing, but these symptoms should remove within 2-3 weeks.

Followed by a local anesthesia, this procedure takes approximately 20 minutes to be executed. Those, who cannot benefit from other medical treatments, will surely get good results from palatal surgery. However, you have to make sure to carry out the surgery from an expert surgeon to get complete pillar procedure effectiveness.