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Prevent snoring with an anti snoring pillow

It could be pretty amazing to find out that it is possible to reduce or eliminate your snoring by using special pillows for snoring. Let’s look at what makes these anti snoring pillows so special:

Head, neck and spine alignment

Most of the pillows for snoring are designed with the aim to achieve the best possible straight alignment between the head, the neck and the spine. The reason that is very important is because in this unique sleeping posture it is possible to have the largest opening in our breathing passage (the windpipe) and consequently the air is able to pass through without any obstacles or interfering tissues and so no vibration is created and no snoring comes out.

Naturally, due to the many body types and sleeping positions people take the anti sleeping pillows, although one of the safest snoring solutions, are not giving a guarantee to prevent snoring. Actually any manufacturer that does give such a guarantee you should beware of. What the pillows can do is reduce the frequency of snoring and / or the loudness of snoring and eliminate snoring only in mild cases, but they definitely can not solve all the different types of snoring problems, especially nasal snoring, which has nothing to do with anti snoring pillows at all because the cause of the snoring is completely different and not connected to the air passage.

prevent snoring anti snore pillow head neck spine alignment

Prevent snoring with alignment and elevation

Not only alignment design element is available. Although that is the largest and most common way for pillows to help fight snoring, some pillows may prevent snoring by using elevation of the head for both achieving a good alignment but also, possibly higher, especially for back sleepers, in order to attempt to reduce the pressure of gravity on the windpipe. I have not seen this feature very often and that is probably because people try to replicate the same effect through homemade solutions rather than spending money on it.

Pillows changing your sleeping position

Then there are other types of special pillows which help you prevent snoring by changing your sleeping position from a back sleeper or a stomach sleeper to a side sleeper. The reason behind this is because there is much more snoring occurring in the back and stomach sleeping positions compared to the side sleeper position and these pillows, which tend to be much more bulky will create a physical, but comfortable, obstacle so that the person can not rotate or shift around the bed and remains to sleep on the side with as perfect alignment of the head, neck and spine as possible and as little pressure on the windpipe as it can be made.


  1. I am not so convinced that anti snoring pillows really prevent snoring, but some of the arguments are really logical which i can definitely understand
    thanks for the article