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Is It The Mattress Causing You To Snore?

Sleeping with a snorer nearly every night can be frustrating. Snoring problem does not only bother the snorer but it messes up life of everyone in the family. Sleep specialists describe various reasons of snoring. Your snoring problem could be due to overweight, your smoking or drinking habits or you may have sleep apnea that is considered one of the major causes of snoring. Your doctor may suggest you to take a sleep test to figure out your individual problem, however, if you look closely into your lifestyle and sleep habits you can yourself figure out some important facts that may help the sleep expert assessing your problem of snoring.

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Why You Need to Carefully Watch Your Sleep Pattern?

Let’s look at my friend’s case to better understand why a careful sleep test is important and how you can help your doctor diagnose your snoring problem.

Comfortable Mattress

The story begins with his sleep issue. The mattress in his room was very hard and he had trouble sleeping. My friend could not get proper sleep and he was very frustrated. To sort out the problem he decided to buy a new mattress and he researched and bought the best one available in the shop. The mattress was quite expensive because it was advertized as the best one for long and restful of sleep. In today’s time restful sleep is luxury and obviously you have to pay for luxury. So, he found it justifiable to pay little extra to ensure good night’s sleep, and as they had advertised it was a comfortable mattress and the next night he slept like a baby.

It was all going very smooth. He used to lie down flat on the back and within few minutes, he would go into uninterrupted slumber. One day his son demanded to enjoy sleeping on that mattress. But to his dismay, his son did not sleep well the whole night. His son told him the next morning that he could not sleep at all because the horrible snoring sound of my friend created the whole night. He was amazed as he was in deep slumber and he never realized that he was snoring.

Next morning he went to the doctor and then doctor advised him to avoid sleeping on a mattress that is slanted or you sink into. These mattresses can provide you comfortable sleep but at the same time causes your body to be at an angle that creates tension on your air passages while you sleep. The doctor further advised him to sleep on a mattress that is parallel to the ground so that the air passage remained open and he could breathe efficiently without snoring.

Bottom Line

My friend’s story demonstrates that it is not always necessary that your snoring problem is due to some serious underlying health condition. Small lifestyle changes can also do wonders. You need to carefully watch your habits, sleeping position, so that at the time of sleep study you can better explain your doctor the queries he might have. It would be great help to the sleep expert to define a line of treatment for your individual problem while he is well aware of every possible detail about the problem.