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Identify Causes of Snoring

It is a very common misconception that one person’s snoring problem is caused by the same factor with another person’s snoring problem. Every individual snores for different reasons. Before you can find the best treatment or management for your snoring problem, it will be very beneficial if the exact cause for your snoring problem. Snoring problems should be taken seriously, since there are some snoring problems that can be just a symptom of a more serious underlying medical condition, such as sleep apnea.

How to Identify Cause of Snoring

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Identify Causes of Snoring

Most cases of snoring problems, the major cause is that there is floppy tissue in the throat that easily vibrates during sleep. Another common cause of snoring is that there will be an improper positioning of the tongue during sleep that can get in the way of quiet and smooth breathing. To help in identifying snoring problem, how you snore and when you snore should be evaluated properly. No matter what the cause of your snoring problem is, there will always be a treatment or management that can help in effectively reducing your snoring problem if not totally eliminating your snoring problem.

Common Causes of Snoring

Aside from the floppy tissues in the throat and improper positioning of the tongue during sleep, there are still numerous causes of snoring. Here are a few of the most common causes or causative factors for people’s snoring problems.

  • Age – Children do not commonly snore, but there are some snoring problems present in children. As a person ages, there will be tendencies for the throat to become narrower and there will be a decrease in muscle tone. Both narrowing of the throat and decrease in muscle tone can cause snoring problems.
  • Men – By saying men, it does not mean that women are not prone to snoring. Men are just more prone because men have narrower air passages when compared to women’s air passages. But it also does mean that all men are snorers. Most of the time, physical attributes that can cause snoring are hereditary.
  • Overweight – Being overweight can cause fat accumulation near the throat and can cause poor muscle tone. Both factors can cause snoring problems.
  • Sleeping Position – there is a certain sleeping position that can be a causative factor for snoring. That sleeping position is the flat position or supine position. Sleeping flat can cause your throat muscles to relax and fall back, which will most likely block the airway.

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