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Lingual Thyroid As A Cause Of Snoring

What Is Lingual Thyroid

To find out if lingual thyroid can be considered into snoring causes, you should first learn what lingual thyroid is. So, here you can read on all about lingual thyroid. So, lingual thyroid is not a common disorder, but it is quite rare one. It is hardly found developmental abnormality. After analyzing few cases of lingual thyroid, it is found that patients having this issue suffer from heroic snoring or OSA. Therefore, this study shows that lingual thyroid can be considered as one of snoring causes. The patients on whom this experiment was conducted were advised for a therapy named thyroid hormone replacement as its permanent solution. Getting lingual thyroid treated, one does not need snoring solutions, but if snoring is caused by this issue, then it will end up itself.

Risks Associated With Lingual Thyroid

The problem of lingual thyroid is quite rare disorder which is caused by the damage of descending gland from anlage and develops while embryogenesis course. The main symptoms of this disorder include dyspnea, stridor, dysphagia, dyphonia, bleeding etc. The thyroid hormone is very important; it is needed for various events like pregnancy, puberty, trauma, menopause and infection. Most of the symptoms are drastic. It sometimes causes mild respiratory distress. So, it is quite serious disorder which requires immediate and appropriate medical attention.

Lingual Thyroid Causes Snoring Or OSA

Lingual Thyroid May Cause Snoring Or OSA

It is found that lingual thyroid can lead a patient to snoring or obstructive sleep apnea. To find out if it is correct or not, an experiment has conducted over a 49 years old female. She had lingual thyroid since 2 years and due to this issue, she was suffering from several other disorders. In these disorders, snoring and obstructive sleep apnea was two of them. It occurs due to enlarged tongue. Mostly in lingual thyroid, the tongue gets enlarged. To treat up her condition, a therapy for positive airway pressure has used, but it was not successful. After that, surgical resection was used which was proved a better treatment.


To get rid of various affects caused by lingual thyroid, first of all one should visit an experienced doctor for diagnosis. After proper diagnosis of the condition, the doctor can advise you the best treatment. The diagnosis for lingual thyroid is done by scanning iodine in sufferers. Sometimes, tomographic scan is also used to diagnose this issue. It is a critical issue and its diagnosis process is also not common. It requires a special method to find out the severances of lingual thyroid.

Treatment For Lingual Thyroid

To treat up lingual thyroid, the best and most recommended way is radioiodine therapy or surgical excision. In addition to these solutions, no any other way can help patients who suffer from lingual thyroid. Using radioisotope iodine scan, doctors get determined about the collected thyroid tissue in patient’s neck. The lingual thyroid usually autotransplant or exercise the neck muscles. For simple or initial stage of lingual thyroid, some doctors use biopsy for its potential for releasing high volume of hormone to vascular system, infection or hemorrhage.