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Stages of Sleep and Snoring

Sleeping Stages & Occurrence Of Snoring

Snoring solutions are highly requisite if you want to eradicate this annoying habit from your life. Snoring and sound sleeping are two contradictory phrases. Both cannot move together because when a person uses to snore, neither he nor his bed partner can sleep comfortably. The frequent snoring may disrupt the entire sleeping cycles of a snorer. It also may lead snorers to horrible disorders like memory issues, myriad, depression, physical problems and so on. Moreover, snoring is also a leading stage of sleep apnea which is a critical health disorder.

Sleep Stages In Individuals

When a person sleeps, he or she goes through different sleep stages. In every sleep stage, the body of the person gets into various relaxing states. In these stages, one is called alpha to theta stage of transition. This is the first sleeping stage. In this stage, the person starts feeling drowsy and simultaneously, it makes a person feel unaware to external events. In next sleeping stage, sigma waves get developed and due to these waves, the body muscle tones get suppressed. The third stage is referred as Delta sleep stage in which the person loses almost his all muscle tones and last stage which is called REM sleep makes a person completely incapable to move because it makes muscles completely atonic.

Snoring Occurrence

Stages of Sleep and Snoring

When a person is in deep sleep, the snoring mostly occurs in the heaviest form at that time. Such condition occurs in REM sleep stage which is the last sleep stage. It is found that dreaming may eliminate the chances of snoring or it may cause irregular occurrence of snoring. However, it is not necessary that every snorer snores in heavy sleeping stage or REM sleep, but it may occur when snorer is not in much deeper sleeping stage. The snoring gets changes within sleep stages. The snoring occurs when the body of a person gets completely relaxed in particular. When snoring occurs in first or second sleep stages, it shows the seriousness of snoring.

Snoring Causes

The main reason of snoring is partial interruption in nasal airway or when tongue falls into throat or draws inward the throat, it results the occurrence of snoring. The voice gets produced when air passes through uvula and tongue and vibrates the tissues. As per Medical Center University of Ohio State, around 45% adults occasionally snore and 25% people habitually snore. There are several snoring causes like poor throat muscle tone, overweight, alcohol consumption, and sleeping aid or sinus infections.

Preventions To Stop Snoring In Different Sleep Stages

It would be highly wrong step, if you ignore snoring or keep on tolerating it. As per sleeping experts, snoring is considered as highly critical breathing sleep disorder form. It restricts the airway partially and at the same time, it increases the chances of sleep apnea as well. Therefore, you have to use preventions to stay away from snoring and its consequences in your life. For preventing snoring issue, one should regularly do exercise and a proper diet is must. These are few snoring solutions that must be followed to live a safe life.