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Why Do I Snore When I Get Drunk?

We all know that drinking large amounts of alcohol regularly will never do any good to the body. Consumption of alcohol is very well-known to cause negative effects to the overall health of a person, which can end up being severe. Alcohol is acts as a depressant that can slow normal processes down in the nervous system (brain and spine). Snoring is one of the most common problems in adults, in fact approximately 20% of the adult population is suffering from snoring. Alcohol consumption has also been proven to possibly cause snoring even to people who normally does not snore.

Alcohol Consumption and Snoring

Alcohol Consumption Can Cause Snoring

Alcohol as a known depressant has been proven to be one of the major cause why an adult develops snoring habits. Snoring problems associated with alcohol consumption is due to the effects of alcohol to the brain. As alcohol is consumed and absorbed by the body, it then reaches certain parts of the brain that is responsible for the muscles in the nose, mouth, and throat to open. As a reaction of the brain to alcohol, the muscles responsible for opening the nose, mouth, and throat are sufficiently relaxed, wherein as air passes through those muscles, snoring will occur.

Other Side Effects of Alcohol Consumption Aside from Snoring Problems

It can be considered lucky if the problem that may arise from unhealthy alcohol consumption is only snoring. However, there are times that a person who drinks alcohol heavily can develop more serious problems that may be life-threatening in the long run. For some, drinking alcohol can cause sleep apnea, wherein there would be apneic episodes (cessation of breathing) several times every hour. And every apneic episode, the person partially wakes up to gasp for oxygen. Sleep apnea can cause a person to wake up very tired and not well-rested the next day, which can possibly cause development of health conditions.

Solution for Snoring Caused by Alcohol Consumption

Obviously, if the cause of your snoring problem is due to alcohol, then stopping drinking alcoholic beverages may be the cure for your snoring problem. Trying to avoid alcohol will not only address your snoring problems, but it can also help your body being healthy. Just try to stay away from alcohol as much as possible. There is nothing better than keeping your body healthy at all cost, rather than suffering from several medical conditions that can cause life-threatening events.