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Is Mouth Breathing Bad For Health?

Mouth breathing occurs when we breathe through the mouth rather than our nostril. Whereas some people breath from mouth during the day time and some during night hours. This kind of breathing through mouth can become a reason of embarrassment and also you can find potentially severe health consequences linked to this abnormal breathing routine.

Causes of Mouth Breathing

Mouth Breathing Is Bad For Health

The common causes of mouth-breathing are allergies, anatomical abnormalities for instance enlarged tonsils, adenoids, blockage from the sinuses, the deviated septum as well as congestion through infection. If you are experiencing mouth breathing during night, then it can be related to snoring to some extent.

How It Is Bad For Health?

Whenever we breathe through our nostril, air passes above the mucous membranes and in the sinuses, and produces nitric oxide, which helps the body’s smooth muscles (found in the heart and blood vessels) to operate. This is a fact that mouth-breathers do not get fresh air they require, which may result in exhaustion. In most conditions, it could cause anxiety towards coronary heart and in the lung area.

With regard to oral health, inhaling and exhaling over the mouth can easily dried out the jaws, resulting in poor inhale, teeth ailment as well as dental corrosion.

Effects on Health

Breathing from mouth impedes our normal body motion. It makes a difference to many body functions and cause symptoms such as:

  • Headaches
  • Gingivitis and gum illness
  • Bad breath and higher danger for cavities
  • Inadequate sleep—leading for you to chronic low energy
  • Digestive disturbances—gas, upset stomach, acid reflux disease, etc.
  • Snoring
  • Poor Sleep Quality
  • Lessen sense of smelling

Mouth breathing also can affect the position of your teeth and your bite. The relaxing posture in the lips and position in the tongue have also been shown to cause difficulty the orthodontic treatment—time put in braces may be longer, and also the chance regarding relapse following braces are usually removed is actually higher.

Breathing from mouth is however not much comfortable, because all the muscles on the face and mouth are actually programmed to help them inhale a dysfunctional approach. Their body isn’t going to understand how to breathe usually.

The condition typically is seen in young age and it affected approximately 40% of the population. Regardless of its high frequency, the medical care field haven’t given much awareness to this problem of habitual mouth breathing as it also lay impact a person’s quality of life.

In order to quit mouth-breathing, the muscles must be “re-trained” to operate in completely new ways. Consulting a physician is very imperative, if the situation is getting worse and not improving. Moreover, to prevent this, you can also use tongue stabilizing device that helps you to overcome breathing form mouth problem.