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Treating Sleep Apnea with Tongue Stabilizing Device

Treating Sleep Apnea is quite vital if you want to get rid of this problem instantly.  If in case sleep apnea with CPAP or Continuous Positive airway Pressure is not working for you, then you must look for some other option. It is crucial to treat this state as it has negative results on your health. Besides various common oral appliances that change the position of your lower jaw, there’s another option known as tongue stabilizing Device.

Define Tongue Stabilizing Device

Tongue Stabilizing Device

TSD or Tongue Stabilizing Device is a kind of alternative oral appliance treatment, effective for sleep apnea and snoring. This is a small plastic piece that is placed on your lips and seems like a large pacifier with the hole through which you can slot in your tongue. While using, it holds your tongue forward, helping in alleviating sleep apnea and snoring that happens due to the obstructed airways.

Why Tongue Stabilizing Device is best for Treating Sleep Apnea?

The device of Tongue Stabilizing can be an effective treatment option, especially if you are not able to bear other treatments for sleep apnea like Continuous Positive airway Pressure. This is quite useful if you have obstructed airways due to the large tongue known as macroglossia. However, not anyone can use Tongue Stabilizing Device, but it is vital that you must know how to stick your tongue out past your teeth for securing the device in a proper place. If your tongue is not able to stick out far appropriately, then, it might not work with you. In general, those people having intact frenulum cannot make use of the TSD.

Possible Problems with TSD

Tongue Stabilizing Device must be cleaned properly with hot water prior applying to your tongue. This helps in making plastic more fit and flexible. Though, there are some people who often complained that the device comes off at the night time, which is especially true, if in case it is not properly fit. It can also result in salivating more and even dribble. However, as the other reports said such people experience difficulty in swallowing and tongue discoloration while using it.

Cleaning and Taking Care of TSD

Treating sleep apnea with TSD is quite useful, but proper care or maintenance is also required. For preventing infection and lessening the unpleasant odors, it is vital to clean TSD daily. Cleaning it is quite helpful by cleaning solutions, once in a week or month. Store it in a cool or dry place in its container. If you have experienced CPAP and looking for alternative oral appliances then it is wise to talk to your doctor about trying TSD.

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