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Why Am I Snoring All Of A Sudden?

Have you been a quite sleeper throughout your life and suddenly started snoring? You might be quite disturb to think “why am I snoring all of a sudden?” but a good news for you is that you are not the only person having a sudden snoring problem. However, you need to think of a solution before the problem gets worse and you are thrown away from you bedroom by your partner or she decides to move out from your bedroom. Before consulting to your doctor it would be good if you think and see if you have adopted some new changes in your lifestyle or diet recently which maybe causing you sudden snoring.

Look For a Good Snoring Solution

Finding a good snoring solution is not only important to address your health and well being but it is equally important in the aspect of your spouse or partner’s health. It’s been observed in most cases that snoring hardly ever interrupt your sleep but it causes severe sleep deprivations to your spouse. Your might not have the idea how difficult it is for your partner to sleep beside a snorer all nigh through. Take you snoring problem very seriously because snoring is not just an inconvenience that your family or partner faces every night but it is a door to more serious health conditions such as erectile dysfunction, cognitive issues, cardiac problems and sleep apnea that are clear result of sleep deprivation.

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Your Snoring Problem Maybe a Result of:


It is vital to start with finding the cause of your snoring problem. Check if you are taking some new medication that has been prescribed to you by your doctor or taking some over-the-counter drug. To your surprise, sometimes a rare combination of old and new medication causes over relaxation to the throat muscles that result in sudden snoring. You can discuss with doctor about medications you have been taking for long and how it would react when taking it with new drug that the doctor has prescribed.

Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Second most obvious reason of snoring is weight gain. See if you have suddenly put on some kilos, your sudden snoring problem might be a result of your weight gain. People who are overweight tend to snore more as they have a thick layer of fat over the neck that put pressure to the airways. A narrowed airway due to extra fat causes a person to snore. Snoring is intense vibration occur when air passes through within the narrow airways.

Smoking And Alcohol Consumption

Everyone who is reading this article will agree that alcohol consumption and smoking causes mild to severe heath issues but did you know that according to various clinical studies they have been discovered as a major cause of snoring. Harsh chemicals in the cigarette irritate soft nasal tissues and causes severe inflammation in the nasal airways. While alcohol causes over relaxation of the muscles and create high vibration leading to snoring.

Do not leave the problem entirely to the doctor, finding the reason is important to finding the cure for it.