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Tongue Exercises as Snoring Solutions

Many people, even if people who are not primarily affected with snoring problems are still greatly affected with snoring problems. In fact, it is not the snorer who can feel the negative effects of snoring, such as sleep disturbance, it is the people who sleep in the same room as the snorer. There are several snoring solutions that can be effective in reducing, if not totally eliminating the snoring problem, however, it will be best to determine the exact cause of the snoring problem, to find the most effective treatment. There are exercises to help in preventing and reducing snoring problems, such as throat exercises, breathing exercises, neck exercises, and even tongue exercises.

Tongue Exercise for Snoring: Ung-Gah Exercise

Tongue Exercises as Snoring Solutions

It is the soft palate of the mouth and the tongue that are manipulated during the ung-gah exercise. As you bring your tongue to your soft palate, you will say the term or syllable “ung”, and you can feel that your soft palate will rise. And as you bring your tongue down and by pressing your tongue down, you will have to say the term or syllable “gah”. You have to be sure that when you perform this exercise, you will be sitting comfortably straight.

Tongue Exercise for Snoring: Chin to Nose Tongue Exercise

This tongue exercise is performed just how the name of the exercise sounds like. To perform this exercise, all you have to do is reach your chin as much as possible using your tongue by sticking it out. After reaching your chin using your tongue, you will then have to reach your nose as much as possible using your tongue also by sticking it out. Repeat exercise for at least 15 times in each set.

Tongue Exercise for Snoring: Spoon Pushing Tongue Exercise

This type of exercise is considered to be an isometric snoring exercise. To perform this exercise, all you need to have is a clean spoon. Stick your tongue out, and place the tip of your tongue against the spoon. You will have to hold the spoon with your one hand as you push the tip of your tongue towards the spoon. As you push the tip of your tongue to the spoon, you will have to resist the pressure of your tongue with the hand holding the spoon, just enough pressure to keep the spoon in place. This exercise will help in strengthening the tongue and the muscles surrounding your throat.