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Throat Exercises as Snoring Solutions

One of the many non-surgical snoring solutions or remedies is exercise. Doing exercises for snoring will not only help in reducing snoring problems, if not totally eliminating the problem, but it can also help in the prevention of snoring problems from occurring. Snoring has been a problem by many people all over the world for the longest time already. In fact, it is not the actual snorer who is greatly affected by the snoring sounds produced during sleep, it is actually the person or people who sleep in the same room as the snorer that will really be greatly affected. Snores are loud and annoying, which can really alter or disturbs someone’s sleeping pattern. Snoring can prevent a person from falling asleep or worse, it can wake a person from the middle of his or her sleep.

Throat Muscles Exercises

Throat Exercises as Snoring Solutions

It has been proven that doing exercises that can target the throat muscles will help in preventing snoring problems. Throat muscles exercises will not just prevent snoring problems, it can also help in making swallowing of food easier and it can also help in giving a person’s neck a better appearance, which will make a person look healthier and young.

Throat Muscle Exercise: Chin Push

The chin push throat muscle exercise is aimed to help in improving strength or increasing strength of the throat muscle. Here is how to do the chin push throat muscle exercise:

  1. You will have to use your fingers (index finger and middle finger most preferably) in this exercise.
  2. Gently apply pressure to the bottom area of your chin. This area should be in the throat region where you can gently apply pressure to your throat muscles.
  3. As much as possible, do not move your head. Keep your head as stationary as possible, since moving your head will possibly work the muscle behind your neck rather than your throat muscles.
  4. Hold gentle pressure for at least 2 minutes to 3 minutes and repeat exercise for several times a day.

Throat Muscle Exercise: Throat Crunches

This type of throat muscle exercise helps in providing resistance to the throat muscles through gravity. To perform the throat crunches throat muscle exercise, follow these easy steps:

  1. Lie down with back flat on a flat surface (bed or table). Hang down your head over the edge of the flat surface.
  2. Lift your head up until your chin reaches your chest or if it can’t reach your chest, just go as far as possible.
  3. Repeat throat crunches at least 10 times per day.