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Breathing Exercises as Snoring Solutions

Finding the right and effective snoring solutions will need the exact causative factor for the snoring problem. There are several different possible causes for snoring problems, and one of the most common causes for snoring is the relaxation of the muscles surrounding the throat and the soft tissues in the throat that can eventually narrow the upper airway during a person’s sleep. As mentioned, there are several different snoring solutions, may it be surgical or non-surgical. One non-surgical snoring solution that is found to be effective in reducing and preventing snoring problems is through various exercises.

Deep Breathing and Tongue Stretches

Breathing Exercises as Snoring Solutions

One possible cause why a person snores in his or her sleep is due to the relaxation of the tongue, thus falling back the throat and causes snoring partial block in the airflow. The loud and annoying snoring sounds are caused when the tongue that relaxes during sleep vibrates against tissues in the throat as air is breathed in. Performing tongue stretches together with deep breathing exercises can help in reducing snoring problems by preventing the tongue from falling down the throat and improving airflow during sleep. Here is how to do deep breathing and tongue exercises to help in reducing snoring problems.

  1.  Stretch your tongue by extending it as far as it can go, while doing deep breathing. perhaps to your nose or even to your chin.
  2. You can also try extending your tongue several times upwards (to your nose) and downwards (to your chin).
  3. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can every single day.
  4. You can even do deep breathing anytime. Deep breathing will not only do you good in regards to snoring problems, deep breathing can also lessen your stress by stimulating relaxation.

Nasal Clearing Exercise

Nasal clearing exercise as a snoring solution is aimed by getting rid of nasal congestion that can cause nasal passage blockage thus causing snoring sounds produced during sleep. Nasal clearing exercise is done to train the body to breathe less to help in reducing snoring problems during sleep. Here is how to do nasal clearing exercises:

  1. You will have to condition your mind that you will have to breathe deeply through your nose, since breathing is done unconsciously.
  2. Aside from conditioning your mind, you will have to condition your body to deeply breathe through the nose all throughout the day.
  3. Deep breathing through the nose throughout the day can help in alleviating throat spasms and causes of snoring during sleep.