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Pillar Procedure for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Pillar Procedure is one of the most effective methods, approved by FDA for treating snoring and sleep Apnea. Unlike other sleep Apnea treatments and surgical snoring remedies, this procedure uses a simple technique that can be easily performed in your office or along with other procedures as well. The same day, patients can return back to their normal activities and diet just like prior to the treatment.

Causes of Snoring and Sleep Apnea

There are different causes linked to snoring and sleep Apnea. The main contributor of both these problems is certainly collapse or vibration of the soft palate. Where snoring is caused when the tissue in the upper airway vibrates or flutters, sleep Apnea is a result when tissue blocks or collapses the upper airway.

Pillar Procedure

Pillar Procedure for Snoring and Sleep Apnea

During the time of the procedure, three petite implants of polyester are positioned into the soft palate. After some time, the implants along with the natural fibrotic response of the body stiffen the soft palate and add structural support as well. This helps in diminishing the tissue vibration responsible for snoring and collapsing palatal tissue that can restrict the upper airway causing sleep Apnea.

Expectation from the Procedure

The procedure is minimally invasive along with little discomfort. In a single visit you can take this procedure without much time. Though, this procedure does not involve tissue destruction or removal so there is no any discomfort or effect on your routine.

Effects of the Procedure

After Pillar Procedure, many people report an improvement in their snoring within the week, however, some get results up to 3 months. As per the clinical reports of Medtronic (creators of the procedure (pillars)), people who have undergone with this treatment experiences-

  • Significant decrease in the intensity of snoring
  • 80% satisfaction of the bed partner
  • Less daytime sleepiness and laziness
  • 80% improvement in the sleep Apnea

As compared to other treatments, there are several benefits of pillar procedures such as minimal invasive, minimal discomfort and results. However, this procedure does not involve lasers, chemicals to destroy tissue, permanent surgical removal or radio frequency energy and results are visible up to the time span of minimum 6 weeks to maximum 3 months. As this process does not affect any removing or destroying tissues, the risks and complications are quite low. The only minor complication is a partial extrusion of an implant. It occurs when the implant is positioned either too deep or too shallow.

Consult An ENT Specialist

This therapy is however not for everyone. So before planning to go for the therapy, it is suggested to consult either a Pillar Procedure specialist or ENT doctor. An ENT doctor will tell you if you need the therapy or a right candidate to go through the procedure. Many times a CPAP mask for mouth breathers is also recommended if the condition is not that severe.