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Importance of materials in the snoring chin strap

Often when I see discussions among buyers of the snoring chin strap on online forums the materials from which the chin strap for snoring is made are often not high in the list of discussion points and succumb to elements like price and fitting it well or not on the head and sometimes people complaining that their chin strap is falling off, etc. However, I strongly believe the quality of materials has a great importance in the total effectiveness of any snoring chin strap.

#1 reason of material importance – its ability to breathe

Breathable fabric allows the air to pass - is much better for a snoring chin strap

What many people don’t realize is that there are materials which can “breathe” and those which do not. What this means is simply the inner molecular patterns differences among various materials which are invisible to a human eye.

These differences of various materials allow or block air to pass from the outside towards the skin. In the cases where the air can pass (“breathable fabric”) then our skin and out perspiration are not as much damaged or affected, however, in those cases where the material (which is often cheaper) blocks air then our skin can not “breathe” and perspire as it is supposed to and this created a lot of problems in the long run such as skin irritation and other damage to that part of the skin.

This is exactly the reason why I believe it is worth to spend a couple of dollars more, but to buy a snoring chin strap which is made of breathable materials rather than go for a cheap solution which may create other issues. After all, if you buy a cheaper stop snoring chin strap and then have a skin irritation you will end up having to buy at least a cream to sort it out, so you might as well have spent that money on a proper device in the first place.

#2 reason for importance of quality materials in chin straps for snoring

There are 2 more elements which result from the quality of the type of the materials which is used in your snoring device. One is the toughness versus the softness of the material, which would influence the comfort you are feeling when you are wearing the chin strap during your sleep. Naturally, the more comfortable you feel the higher the chances that you will keep using the device and stop your snoring rather than giving up due to discomfort.

Then there is also the elasticity of the material, which would have a great influence on how well it takes the contours of your face. As all our faces and head shapes are quite different, a more elastic material would be able to better fit and act more like a skin does than a more robust and strong material. Although the negative of the elastic is that by nature it tends to be weaker in strength and may wear out sooner, so it might end up to be more expensive, but I think the comfort is worth it.

When you don’t need to worry so much about material quality of a chin strap?

The length of use of a snoring chin strap

I think that there are still cases where there is no reason to spend extra money for quality and those, in my opinion, would be all short term cases where you would know for a fact that you will be using the snoring chin strap only a short period of time and then possibly never again. In these cases I think someone could bear the temporary discomfort instead of wasting money for no reason. One such case would be if it is clear that your snoring is due to being overweight. And if you have made a solid plan of losing a great amount of weight in the next couple of months then there is a high chance that the snoring will no longer be there once you do that. In this case, a temporary, perhaps cheaper solution may be better.

To conclude

I hope this article was interesting and useful for you. Feel free to read my other snoring chin strap articles or see other snoring solutions.


  1. I think its easy to say things like “get quality materials”, but then you look at the price and the difference between a well made snoring chin strap with proper materials is a lot higher, more than double, than the cheap ones.

  2. I am very much for quality in absolutely everything not only these chin straps for snoring

  3. wow ya definitely breathable fabric! they must put it for all snoring chin straps!!!