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REVIEW: Avalon Aire Topaz Style Chin Strap

This topaz style chin strap for snoring offered by Avalon Aire is a very simple chin strap without anything fancy and this is also reflected in the very cheap $13 price. Sometimes it is not a bad idea to go back to the basic and strap off all the fancy features so that a really low price can be achieved, a win – win scenario for both the sellers and the buyers.

The Avalon Aire Chin Strap has the basic ability to be adjusted, is light weight like other similar snoring chin straps and is as comfortable as it can be for its design and materials.

Positive buyer comments on the Avalon Aire Chin Strap

(Feedback from buyers on Amazon)

  • Works, comfortable, cheap.
  • Very happy this past year; just ordered my 2nd
  • (buyer who had mouth dryness problems said:) So, I used this chin strap every night for a few weeks. It was great.
  • Good product for the price.

REVIEW Avalon Aire Chin Strap (Topaz Style)

All in all, 4 out of 21 buyers rated this snoring chin strap 5 stars out of 5, which is actually not such a great amount of positive support.

Negative feedback on the chin strap

  • hot and uncomfortable
  • the fabric doesn’t breath at all
  • Don’t waste your time or money
  • Few comments from buyers about not fitting well or at all

All in all, 9 out of 21 buyers rated this snoring chin strap 1 star out of 5 – not good for the product indeed.

Final results on the review of this snoring chin strap

In this snoring chin strap review it was clear to see from the comments that people were not so much complaining about it not solving their snoring but there were complaining about other specific things. It is common for a snoring chin strap among other snoring solutions not to solve any kind of snoring because they have a limited ability to cure only mild cases, but I did not feel that this was the negative feedback.

So looking objectively on this snoring chin strap:

  • There actually were valid complaints about the quality of the materials. As the snoring chin strap should be worn at all times this is a big negative for me. But, to be fair to the manufacturer Avalon Aire, this is a very low cost product so expecting super nice quality is also not fair.
  • Apart from materials there were a number of complaints about the quality of the device in general, which also includes the inability to cater to various sizes of heads comfortably, so again, a red flag, but perhaps similar explanation as above due to low cost of the snoring chin strap.
  • The Avalon Aire Chin Strap does function exactly as in theory a jaw support should, so in terms of functionality it is doing its job
  • And finally the cost of this snoring chin strap is a meagre $13 at the time of writing this review so it justifies its lower quality and is very affortable to anyone

To conclude, 2 large red flags and 2 green flags, but I think I will recommend to spend a few dollars more and get a bit higher quality one.

Thanks for reading this snoring chin strap review. If you want you can see also my other reviews or check out other snoring solutions.


  1. something around $10 is nothing for me
    i say just buy it, if doesn’t work then throw it away
    thanks for this review though

  2. that’s a very good point you made about breathable fabric
    thanks for this Avalon Chin Strap review

  3. Thanks for this review of Avalon Aire Topaz Style Chin Strap
    good points