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Side Sleeprrr Pillow to Decrease Snoring

One of the most annoying things or events that can happen in a person’s life is to be disturbed during sleep. People who are sleeping in the same room with a person who snores are very much familiar on how annoying and frustrating it can get, when in the middle of their sleep, they can be awoken by loud snores. In fact, snoring will not only affect the person or people sleeping in the same room with the snorer; it can also have negative effects on the snorer’s function and overall health. Good news is, there are plenty of different snoring aids that are effective in reducing if not totally stopping snoring at night. And one of the simplest and common snoring aids being used by many is anti snore pillows.

Side Sleeprrr Pillow - Snoring Relief Leg Support

Side Sleeprrr – Snoring Relief Leg Support:

Side Sleeprrr is a type of pillow that is specially angled to fit comfortably and perfectly between the thighs during sleep. Side Sleeprrr is designed to promote and maintain the natural position of the legs that can encourage and ensures a person to sleep on his or her side. The side sleeprrr pillow can help in maintaining the natural curvature of the spine, while preventing the back from twisting while sleeping.

How it Works:

The Side Sleeprrr is an effective snoring aid that can reduce snoring by allowing the person’s soft palate near the throat to fall to the side. Snoring can be greatly reduced if not totally eliminated, since sleeping on either of the sides can help in keeping the airway free and clear, which is an important contributing factor in snoring.

Other Benefits of Side Sleeprrr Pillow:

Aside from providing comfort, maintaining the natural curvature of the spinal column,  ensuring the person to sleep on his or her side and decreases snoring during sleep, Side Sleeprrr can also provide relief from:

  • Moring back pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Muscle Stiffness
  • Stiff neck that can be caused by sleeping on a supine (back) position or prone (stomach) position during sleep.
  • Relieves painful pressure points that can possibly cause pressure ulcers

The use of Side Sleeprrr pillow may take some time before a person gets used to it and becomes comfortable. Using the side sleeprrr will not have any effects on the blood circulation, in fact, it can promote better circulation. The Side Sleeprrr Pillow is specially designed to help in reducing if not totally eliminating snoring through sleeping on either side.