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Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow Review

Snoring sounds during sleep can be produced by the vibration of the soft tissues behind the throat, which can happen when a person is sleeping with a bad position. That is why, anti snoring pillows are created. Anti snoring pillows are specially designed to help a person in maintaining a certain sleeping position that can help in decreasing or even totally stopping snoring. Generally, anti snoring pillows’ designs are made to help in ensuring proper alignment of the head and neck with the spinal column, as well as lifting the chin slightly, to prevent it from touching the chest while sleeping. Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow, is a special type of anti snoring pillow that is specially designed to help in treating snoring problems.

What is Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow?

Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow is a clinically proven to be effective in treating snoring problems. The pillow is specially designed by sleep scientists to help in treating if not reducing snoring problems during sleep. What the sleep scientists are aiming for when making the Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam pillow is to improve overall health and wellness of the snorer and the person or people who’s sleep are disturbed to annoying loud snores.

How Does It Work?

The pillow comes in an ergonomic design that help in maintaining proper alignment with an ideal angle of the head and neck, which can improve breathing and decrease snoring. What makes the Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow unique from other anti snoring pillows is that it can be used comfortably by either back sleepers or side sleepers. The pillow comes with a 3-zone construction, which is made to help in providing a perfect balance of gentle support of the sleeper while maintaining comfort during sleep.

Product Features:

  • Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow with deluxe velour cover
  • Premium memory foam relieves painful pressure points for all-night comfort
  • Expressly designed for side and back sleepers ; Memory foam proudly made in the USA; Conforms to all federal flammability standards
  • Includes removable and washable velour cover; Backed by a limited manufacturers 5-year warranty
  • Pillow measures 15 inches wide by 28 inches long by 5 inches deep

Extracts of Positive and Negative Comments from Amazon:

Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow Buyer Feedback Chart

Extracts of Positive Comments:

“Always a bit of an insomniac (understatement) the past few months I’ve found I can only fall asleep by propping my head up – usually with one arm. Problem is, once I fall asleep, my arm slips and I wake up. This pillow is a tall boy! It props my head up to a decent and high enough level – and I can keep my arm(s) at my side (or wherever else they go when asleep). It’s probabl a bit big for a sound sleeper with no issues of insomnia (or snoring), but for many I can see this as a very good thing.”

“I like the idea of this pillow, but I have since reverted back to my old pillows. This thing is supposed to be ergonomically correct, but I’ve had trouble finding that “sweet spot” that puts me right out. I might give this thing another try as I’d like to make a concerted effort to be more ergonomically correct in my life, or I might wait for the next best thing.”

Extracts of Negative Comments:

“The concept behind this pillow design seems sound and I don’t want to dispute a clinical study, but it’s just not for me. When properly aligned, I could tell that I might be in the ideal position for open air passages and sound sleep, but I felt like I was too propped up. When I tried sleeping on my side, that didn’t feel right either. I was very tired the night I tried it and was sure I’d fall asleep quickly but couldn’t.
The pillow is very firm (which I like) and heavy (which I like). The cover is a very soft, yet durable velour fabric (which I love). And it’s very wide–almost king-sized. But it just didn’t fit ME.
I think it would probably be very comfortable (and probably effective) for a larger person or for a man with broad shoulders, but I couldn’t get it to work for me.”

“I do use this pillow, but not in the way it is described, and I find it relatively comfortable. The foam is firm but not too hard. It did have a strange smell, but the brochure warned about that and said it would take a day or two to dissipate, and that was true. It is larger than an average pillow and my oversized pillow case does not cover it completely. And sadly, I don’t think I get the anti-snore benefits because my head isn’t raised properly.”

Extracts of Comments from Online Forums:

Extracts of Positive Comments:

“I m very pleased with it. It arrived really quickly as well. Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow I spent a good amount of time reading reviews and have heard great things about this Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow”

 Extracts of Negative Comments:

“Not a comfortable pillow, contour and hardness was a big disappointment…..Sent it back!”

“I thought I’d take a gamble on this pillow before going in for another sleep study. I have mild sleep apnea and I snore loud and long, from what I’m told. I researched all of the anti-snore pillows out there and this one seemed to be clinically developed, by a manufacturer I trusted. Unfortunately, this pillow did not reduce my snoring and it gives me a stiff neck in the morning. Incredibly uncomfortable. Yes, I positioned myself properly. Even so, a complete waste of $$$. Live and learn.”

“This product sounded too good to be true-and it was. My husband has sleep apnea and I wanted something to tone down his snoring. Great idea to tilt the head to reduce snoring but humans don’t stay still while sleeping. Pillow was hard, too. I returned it.”

Review Final Verdict on Sleep Innovations Anti-Snore Memory Foam Pillow:

The design of the pillow may take some time before a person gets totally comfortable in using it. And some people may find the pillow to be too high or too low for them, making it not effective in treating snoring. Maybe not all people with snoring problems can find their cure in using this pillow.