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What Causes Snoring in Women

Women Snoring & Its Causes

There are varied reasons associated with women snoring. When, snoring occurs suddenly to any particular stage of life, and then there must be a cause behind. Having information about different causes of women snoring will help you finding out the best solution to get rid of easily. The basic cause of snoring is improper flow of air through passages of air into throat. When, this flow of air gets interrupted, then usually, snoring occurs. Though, air flow does not get collapsed without any reason, but several influential factors affect this air flow in throat. Going through various reasons of women snoring will let you know several elements affecting this disorder in certain way.

Women Snoring & Allergies

Women snoring occur for several causes in which allergies are one of them. There are certain types of allergies by which women start snoring. Allergies which cause nasal congestion often result into women snoring. Apart from snoring, allergies can arise problems like nasal drip, sneezing, nasal congestion, itching, rhinorrhoea and post nasal drip. Apart from these issues, allergies also cause nasal hypersensitivity that encourages respiratory allergies. Issues related to respiratory allergies include swelling of nose and throat which hampers smooth breathing. All these issues are concerned with breathing and thus, it leads one to snoring.

Women Snoring

Woman Snoring

Improper Breathing Causes Women Snoring

When women sleep on poor posture or get use to wrong sleeping position, then it encourages women snoring. Putting excessive pressure on neck, chest, throat etc., often causes improper breathing to women. The improper breathing occurs at time when one starts breathing from mouth instead of nose. Usually, it happens when there is any obstruction in nasal passages. The obstruction generally results into instable air flow in throat. When, one breathes through mouth, the most affected element is soft tissues.  At time, when women breathe from their mouth the air flow vibrates the soft tissues by which women snoring occurs.

Menopause Is Certain Cause Of Women Snoring

Menopause and women snoring are closely related. There are many cases of women snoring that are related to menopause. At the stage of menopause, women start snoring even if they earlier have never been experienced it. There is a stimulant named Estrogen which treats up muscles from being relaxed. In menopause, the estrogen level gets down and thus, women snoring occur when women get menopause. Apart from estrogen, majority of women gain weight during menopause which is also an encouraging factor of women snoring. For these reasons, one should include menopause as a powerful cause of women snoring.

Women Snoring & Obesity

Obesity is one of the most certain causes of women snoring. If comparing with slim women, obese women are more likely to experience women snoring. The reason of snoring for obese women is the excessive amount of fat around their neck which blocks the nasal airways. When, obese women get to deeper sleeping stage, their muscles of throat may get relaxed which causes irregular airflow due to constricted airways. This muscle condition results into vibrating structure of throat. With vibration of throat muscles, women snoring occur.

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