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Menopause And Snoring

Is There Any Relation Between Menopause & Women Snoring

Women snoring occur for several causes and some people believe that menopause is one of the certain causes of women snoring. Here, you will learn exact relation between menopause and women snoring. As per recent research, it is found that menopause can be considered to be a big reason for weight gain. Several premenopausal women have learnt from their partners that they start having snoring instantly. It is a fact that more than 60 percent post or pre menopausal women experience poor sleep quality. This poor sleeping can be a cause of their snoring or of their partner’s.

Menopause Increases Ratio Of Women Snorers

It is an undeniable fact that menopause period is a big state that increases the women snorers’ ratio before men snorers. The cases of women snoring during menopause are quite higher than normally. The reasons behind menopause and women snoring are many. In certain causes, you can consider weight gain and fluctuation of hormone that occur in time of menopause in women. Apart of it, age is a great element that affects women snoring because as person ages, different muscles of throat, nose etc. get slacker by which snoring occurs.

Women Snoring

Menopause Increases Women Snoring

Several Contributors Of Menopause Leads Women To Snore

Menopause is that condition in which a woman starts snoring all of a sudden. Sometimes, women snoring may appear surprising or illogical, but it is actually not so. When a woman gets in to menopause stage, there are several changes occur in her body. These changes include hot flashes, restless leg syndrome, repeated urination, stress, stiffness of joints, achy muscles and night sweats. When these changes occur in body, it causes uncomfortable issues while sleeping. Several sleep disruptions add fuel to women snoring.

Certainty About Increased Women Snoring During Menopause

Many people feel a sense of confusion when it comes to fact that menopause increases women snoring. But, there is nothing like being confused about this fact because it is quite true. Though, in pre-menopausal stage, women snoring or sleep apnea are not common; but it occurs by post menopause stage in dramatic way. Women snoring during menopause can be a cause of neck muscles’ laxness or excess weight gain that develops as a person gets aged. Thus, it is evaluated that women snoring occurs after menopause because at this stage, women get older, overweight and out of shape.

Hormonal Influence On Women Snoring

As per breathing and sleep center of Vancouver, the certain ratio of men and women snorers is discovered as 2:1. But, this gap gets narrower when a woman enters to her menopause stage. The reason of narrowing gap is the hormonal changes. In this stage, progesterone and estrogen sex hormones get dropped out which prevent initially women snoring in their young age. Along with menopause, women snoring occur during pregnancy period and that too occur because of hormonal changes. Thus, the study shows a strong influence of hormonal changes over women snoring.

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