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Snoring During Pregnancy

Things To Know About Pregnancy Snoring

Pregnancy snoring is quite common disorder that can occur to a woman who have earlier not been snoring before being pregnant. There can be varied reasons behind pregnancy snoring. The common consequence of snoring during pregnancy is sleep disruption that a woman or a bed partner has to bear. It is reality that pregnancy snoring neither a snorer nor a person who sleeps by side to have comfortable sleep. The continuous disruption of sleep makes this condition more annoying than ever. In several cases, pregnancy snoring has reported with other health issues like sleep apnea and gestational diabetes. The condition sleep apnea makes a woman and baby deprived of oxygen. In third trimester, this problem has seen extensively.

Pregnancy Snoring Increases Risk Of Threatening Health Issues

According to a research conducted by Michigan University, it is evaluated that women who snore during pregnancy usually are at higher risk level of preeclampsia and high blood pressure.  This study clears a certain relationship of snoring and high blood pressure. Apart of high blood pressure, pregnancy snoring also triggers problem like preeclampsia in which a baby ends up during his or her birth in ICU. This is one of the largest studies because in this evaluation around 17 hundred participants have participated. It demonstrates onset pregnancy snoring that confers several risks related to cardiovascular maternal health.

Pregnancy Snoring

Snoring During Pregnancy

Habitual Snoring Doubles High Blood Pressure Risk

If you are a habitual snorer, then it is an indication of several types of sleep disorders that you may have. Such people snore 3-4 nights every week. Around 25% women start snoring during pregnancy frequently and such women often have seen at double risk of hypertension if comparing with women who are not habitual snorers. Thus, this study suggests that 19% hypertension disorders that start with pregnancy can be sorted out with any type of sleep disordered or snoring treatment. The use of CPAP treatment, pregnant women can get rid of snoring or any kind of breathing problem.

What Involves CPAP Treatment

The treatment of CPAP is highly beneficial for pregnancy snoring. The treatment of CPAP involves a device that is being worn while sleeping. This device utilizes mild pressure of air that helps keeping airways open. There is certain possibility that using CPAP device, high blood pressure problem can be decreased at some extent in pregnant ladies. The disorders of hypertensive in pregnant women generally cause infants deaths or maternal death and it costs billion dollars for treatment.  Thus, snoring during pregnancy comes with several severe conclusions.

Effective Steps To Stop Pregnancy Snoring

For stopping threatening outcomes of pregnancy snoring, it is essential to take this disorder in serious consideration. For this, it is advisory to stick with nasal strip while sleeping. These strips are purely free of drugs. Use humidifier in the bedroom. Use anti snoring pillows and plump up them. Keep your head elevated slightly while sleeping. Try avoiding calorie food because it contributes a lot to weight gain which the prime reason of pregnancy is snoring.

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